Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cowboys, PMS, Birthdays, and Book News

Okay, I don't usually dig cowboy pictures, but I was browsing around and this guy captured my interest. I'd probably get kicked by a horse or would run into a fence post if I worked on a farm with this guy. Not too shabby there, Joe Bob. Now put on a shirt and get back to work!

In all the hustle and bustle lately I forgot to mention that the model from my Bonding Exerience cover, Sarina Vanzant, has agreed to become the first ever inhouse cover model at Cobblestone Press. That's tres cool, if I do say so myself. I'm honored to have her on my cover! Also, today I received my editor assignment for Wicked Temptation. Woot! That's moving along quickly. It's kind of scary. Just a little. I'm a tough old bitty though. I'll pull through, I'm sure.

Only a few days left before I leave 30 behind forever. It really doesn't bother me to be turning 31. I'm actually looking forward to my birthday this year, not shying away from being a year older. I even went out and picked out a b-day gift for myself. It feels a bit crazy to do something like that, but at the same time, it's quite liberating. It's been a memorable year, if nothing else can be said of it. I'm in the mood to buck a few trends.

On another note, I have been overdosing on ice cream the past few days. PMS. I do swear. Now that's something I could do without. I really need to be saving all my extra calories for the upcoming party... but I know darn well I'm not going to do it. lol


  1. I'm 37 and proud of it, LOL!
    Happy early birthday, Cora!!!!!!

    Besides, that is one yummy cowpoke. Get it? Cowpoke? Uh... nevermind...ROFLMAO.

    Yeah, I know, I gotta weird sense of humor.

  2. He seems to be looking down at his "interesting" part

  3. I know there are words to the right of that guy...but...cannot tear my gaze away...drooooool

  4. LOL @ man who is prolly uggers under his hat.

    Cruel? Nah, just a realist.


  5. Thanks for the early b-day wishes, Zinna. ^_^

    I have to say Tempest is mostly responsible for me looking up that cowboy. She had me all male inspired after sending me some hot pictures of this guy in a leather jacket. He looked like he came straight out of a Sherrilyn Kenyan novel--he was HOT! *faint* I had to do my own guy browsing after that. Kim, I can't seem to keep my eyes on the text either. ^_^

    ROFL M.E.! You know, I thought he might have that hat for a reason. With sexy abs like that, I'd think I'd be willing to forgive him, though--I'd just have to tell him to keep his hat on. LOL!


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