Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bonding Experience Available Friday 8/18/06

My latest erotic werewolf romance Bonding Experience(book 2 in the Werekind Series) is coming out tomorrow from Cobblestone Press!

When her pack leader issues a mating pact between herself and hotshot werewolf Luke Roman, Claire knows there must be some mistake. She doesn't know Luke very well, but she can't imagine two less compatible people being thrown together.

Luke has loved Claire for years, and he isn't about to let her undo what he's worked so hard to put into effect. When she refuses to discuss the pact arrangements with him even when he follows her home, Luke finds a silk scarf on her dresser and decides to try other, more creative ways of getting Claire's undivided attention.

This book is HOT, HOT, HOT! You must be 18+ to download.

Here's an excerpt from the book: (Medium heat range here so be warned!)

"Claire," he breathed, the name soft and husky on his lips. Just as
quickly as he said it, his tongue invaded her mouth again, swirling
and dueling, bringing to life every secret fantasy she'd ever had
about him.

His taut, rippled abs twitched erotically beneath her splayed fingers
when she traced her hands up to grip his shoulders. A note of heated
approval rumbled in his chest, and in a rapid series of movements, he
broke from her just long enough to strip the black T shirt over his

He came back to her in an instant, his flat, copper nipples pebbled
in arousal, his cinnamon skin so smooth and hot to the touch. "Luke,"
she breathed, shaking her head. It was incredibly hard to speak, but
it was happening so fast, fear beat down on her. She had to stop this
before it got out of hand.

"Please. I-I don't think… I don't think I can handle this."
"Emotionally?" he asked huskily. "Or physically?"
"Take your pick," she managed weakly, miserably.

She tried to push back from him, but he wouldn't budge. He held onto
her, his grip tightening on her hips when she would have pulled away.
She squirmed to get around him, and together they shuffled away from
the nightstand, Luke turning with her, clinging to her.

"Don't do this, Claire. Give me a chance." His eyes searched hers,
beseeched her, even as she tried to evade his kiss. "Who knows, you
might even like me if you let yourself."

Boy, was that the truth, Claire thought wryly. Luke Roman was
temptation incarnate. But a cooler, more level-headed Claire was
quickly settling in—a Claire that knew his reputation, and didn't
want to get hurt.

She managed to disengage herself from him, but Luke wasn't about to
let her be. He caught her around the end of the bed, and quickly
sidestepped, putting himself between her body and the door.

"Honey, I don't know why you keep running from me, but if this has
anything to do with my dating cheerleaders. I can assure you I'm not
seeing any. Hell, I didn't want to date them back then, but the girl
I wanted wouldn't give me the time of day."

"Well, she was one smart girl to avoid you," Claire snapped without

"Not too damn smart," Luke replied roughly, blocking her path when
once again she tried to sidestep him. "I've been crazy in love with
this girl for the past—what's it been? Ten? Fifteen years?—and she
hasn't realized it yet."

Claire froze. Ripples of excitement and uncertainty skittered through
her.Luke in love? With her?

She was at a loss for what to do, what to say. He looked earnest,
serious, and even slightly angry with her, but she still wasn't sure
she believed him. How could she? Everything she believed she knew
about him and had experienced in the past seemed to contradict what
he was telling her now. A part of her wanted to believe him, but he
was the Luke—former football captain, hotshot alpha know-it-all; now
successful business owner and desirable bachelor within her pack.

She ran a trembling hand through her hair, frowning thoughtfully—
torn. This was all so new to her, so strange and unexpected. He
wanted sex—that much she understood. How could she trust the rest?

In the end Claire pushed around him. He simply couldn't be trusted—
not now—not so soon. She folded her arm across the flap of the towel
to hold it in place as she bent to pick up a light robe from the end
of her bed.

"I'm sorry, Luke. Maybe with time we can—"

"Time. Right. You're doing it again," he grated angrily. "Pushing me

"That`s not true," she lied, her eyes flickering over him. "It's
just… We hardly even know each other!"

"Well, consider this a bonding experience," Luke said flatly as he
stepped forward and shoved her onto the bed. "Because I'm not going

from Bonding Experience, by Cora Zane
Available from August 18, 2006

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