Monday, August 21, 2006

Adding New Planets?

Has anyone else been following this in the news? The science community is having a vote to determine whether they will redefine the qualifications of what makes a planet. This could potentially bring the planets in our solar system to a grand total of 12 known planets instead of 9. One of the qualifications states that a planet must be spherical. Uh, okay. Take that all you square and triangular planets--you suck!

I hope they pass it, although I do hope they rename planet Xena something else. Yep, as sad as that sounds, there is a planet out there named for the tv show/character. Lucy Lawless must be incredibly proud. I do hope they rename it. I think there's nothing that begs for an intergalactic ass kicking quite like having a planet named after an Amazon warrior princess off of TV. *cringe* Kind of like that poor kid back in jr. high that caught hell everyday because he carried an ancient Charlie's Angels lunch box with him to school.

But that isn't the only thing I'm concerned about--lunch boxes and Xena aside. How will this affect our horoscopes? Some astrologers have been counting Charon (Pluto's moon) in their charts since it was discovered in the 70s. How will Planet Xena and the other... Ceres, or whatever that planet is called, affect the charts? Does that mean we Virgos will finally get our own ruling planet? Perhaps this means we won't have to share Mercury with Geminis anymore? I hope so! Then we can shake our new planet in the face of all the other horoscope signs. And I'd do it too. Just because it's been a slow week and I have nothing else to do... :P


  1. Never even thought of how the new planets would effect horoscopes! Crazy!

  2. I love things about outerspace. One thing I want to buy for myself one day is a NICE telescope. Love the colors in that photo too.

  3. Maybe that means more zodiacal signs? Yeeks!


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