Thursday, August 31, 2006

Notes in a Spiral Bound

I finished my first round of edits for Wicked Temptation yesterday. Woot! I read them and reread them and made changes until my eyes went all blurry and I had to give it up. On the last pass, I checked for anything red I might've missed, then sent it off. So that's one down...

I spent most of the day doing revisions, but I made a point of having lots of play time with the baby between visits to the computer. He's 15 months now, and has just discovered coloring. So we colored in coloring books, danced to Jack's Music Show, and played with his Fisher Price toys: helicopter, musical dump truck, and the chubby animal farm/barn thing. By the time his brother came home from school, I was looking for an escape, lol! I managed to get the laundry on before Mini-boy returned to cling to my legs and whine. Ah, the joys of motherhood. ^_^

I didn't get around to checking over my wip until hubby made it home. By then he wanted my attention, so I did one quick pass over my notes, scribbled a few more while he ran a bath, then spent the rest of the evening with him and the boys. Looking back on the day it doesn't seem like I did much of anything, but man, was I beat when it was finished!

Today I'm breaking out the wip. It's still only notes in a spiral bound, but it's coming along at it's own pace. The characters are speaking to me, I just need a few minutes to listen to them and jot down the conversations.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday Morning

Today is Oldest Offspring's 15th birthday. He is especially pleased about the age increase, lol. While waiting for the bus, he was talking about how next year he'll be old enough to have his own car, get a job, and all that. He wants to work soooo bad. It's good in a way that he wants to work, but kind of bad the way he loves money. What can you do?

Tempest posted this picture of the Care Bear cake for me over at the Midnight Moon Cafe, and I thought it would be great for today's post regarding son's birthday, so there it is. Thanks Tempest! I also want to thank CC for the scandalous cake she left me over at MMC. *eyebrow wiggle* Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes we've received over the past few days. Myspace friends, included. It will take me days to catch up with all of you now. You folks are great!

I got my first round of edits back this morning for Wicked Temptation. I downloaded them but I'm waiting until after my mom leaves this afternoon to start tackling it. I want this story to shine. This story has quickly grown into my baby. I'm not sure why that is. Maybe it's just the change in subject matter, I don't know.

On another note, a friend I've known since 1st grade informed me last night she's expecting her first baby in December. I'm so happy for her! She's wanted this baby for a while now, and just seeing how happy she is has me walking on cloud 9. :-)

Well, I better get to work doing things around the house. I've got a ton of errands to run before I can sit down and tackle any written work. *sigh*

Monday, August 28, 2006

Today's My Birthday

So today's the big day: I'm officially 30 something. There's no cake or ice cream left though. It was all devoured over the weekend when we actually celebrated.

This morning while waiting for the bus Oldest Offspring said: "Happy Birthday, mom! Don't worry, when you're forty, you won't feel like you're old right now." Oh, haha, pretty funny, smartass. See what I'm living with? ^_^

Actually, he's turning 15 tomorrow. So it's like a double whammy. Hence the weekend celebrations. We'd be too tired for anything else if we celebrated on the actual days. Although I have to admit, I am thinking about going and buying a cake today. Mmm icing... :P Hear that sound? No, that's not my tummy rumbling! That's me bucking tradition and buying my own cake!

Okay, enough talk about birthday cake, it's time for beefcake! Sheeeeoowww! Look at Mr. Birthday Hottie. *drool* Okay, that's one of those guys I'd see walking into a room and I'd start looking for an exit. Really, he's so hot it's intimidating. I wouldn't be able to look him in the eyes if he spoke to me. I know, I know... most women probably think that's weird. But heh, that's me. I'm weird. He is definitely my type though. Tall, dark, and... um, nearly naked. :P I have to admit something: in the photo he's wearing jeans. I cropped it to hide a bit of happy trail that was just a bit too visible, but I think the crop I did only made him look that much more naked. *sigh* I tried ya'll, I really did!

Today I got the Octoberfest schedule and Wicked Temptation is set(not a concrete date) for release October 27th. Woohoo! I can't wait to see my new cover. ^_^ Hey, wait! Did I ever post a blurb about Wicked Temptation? If not, here's what the book is about:

An unexpected visit forces Anya Audridov to find a way to deal with her sister’s tragic addiction to her vampire lover’s bite. Not knowing where else to turn for help, Anya calls on her own former Biter whom she hasn’t spoken to in ten years.

Dominic Lisandro has been waiting for Anya to need him enough to call him back into her life. But his help comes with a price. He hasn't forgotten how easily she left him all those years ago. If she wants his help now, she will have to give herself over to his every desire.

Well, I'm off to do a few online rounds, and then it's off to work on my new wip!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sitting Down By the Window

It's been a fun, albeit rainy, weekend. Hubby and I took the boys to the mall yesterday. Mini-boy was fun to watch; he was fascinated by the fountains, and I imagine if they hadn't been gated off, we would have been holding him by the shirt tails to keep him from taking a swim. He loves the water, and seeing big, gurgly jets of it shooting out of a pool was enough to make him squee with joy.

Oldest-offspring and Hubby spent most of their time in The Underground and Hot Topic. I didn't see much of them until the end of the trip, though, to credit them, they brought back a Rancid tshirt for me. *mwah* That was my birthday present. Not too shabby. I'd gone next door to Claire's, and I have to say I spent waaaaay too much money in there. Do you remember hearing about the professional surf girl that lost her arm in a shark attack? Bethany...? Forgive me, but for the life of me I can't remember her last name! Anyway, she has her own line of jewelery, and I tell you something... that girl and I have the same taste. I bought $30.00 worth of jewelry, got in the car to look at it, and her name was on every single piece. You go, girl! Keep making that cool jewelry pour moi!

It was just a cozy, family day-trip. We shopped the mall, dropped by Toys R Us, then stopped for Chinese on the way home--I don't think I've ever seen Mini-boy eat so many green beans. On the ride home, the sun dimmed out and it started raining quite hard. It was quiet and cool most of the way back, and I was ready for a nap by the time we got through all that and pulled into the driveway. Instead, I raced around, swept the dining room, did the dishes, and threw in some laundry for washing before my parents came over for caramel cake and ice cream. Boy, it's going to kill me to get back to the grind on Monday morning!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Does the Friday Dance

Okay, I know this picture has nothing to do with Friday, but I love it and I'm using it so I can go ahead and delete it from my laptop. Speaking of laptops, I have to get in touch with Dell and see about this recall thing. My comp battery is one of those in the mix and I need to find out what to do. *sigh* Darn comp is not even paid for yet and already...

The doctor visit for Mini-boy went well yesterday. She checked him over, and in return he fussed at her and shook his finger at her for using the tongue depressor on him. It turns out he's got a virus. She told me it was nothing to be alarmed about, but I couldn't help being a bit shocked. A cold, okay. But a stomach virus? It seemed just like he had a common cold. Well, I guess you can imagine my house is going to reek like a hospital from all the Lysol after today. I even bought a new mop with a scrubby thing on the end of it to get all those hard to reach areas around the stove, fridge, and dishwasher.

On another note, last night I watched Silent Hill with Oldest-Offspring. The original game still stands as one of my all time favorite Playstation games. The movie was pretty good too--I imagine you kinda needed to have played the game to follow what there was of a plot, though. It was visually stunning and pretty damn creepy. There wasn't a lot of violence until the very end, and by then you'd been shown only snippets of gore so the bloodbath that insues is quite jawdropping.

When it was over, Oldest looked at me and said, "OMG. I wasn't expecting it to go all Hellraiser on us at the end." Now, Oldest has mostly gotten out of his scariness but I had to ask: "Are you going to end up in bed with me and your dad tonight?" He said he wouldn't, but that he might need to leave a light on. He didn't look very convincing, but he wasn't in bed with us or laying on a mat beside the bed when I woke up at about 2 AM to go to the bathroom. However, every light in the kitchen and dining room was on and the door to his bedroom was open. *sigh* I cut all the lights except one, locked the front door, and turned a fan on for him. No more Silent Hill for him until he's 18.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hurry up, Friday!

<picture removed>I thought I'd share this picture of a vintage vampire boob grab. Is this an early attempt at erotic paranormal romance? Why, Nosferatu, I had no idea you were such a naughty vampire! ^_^

At the moment I'm waiting for mini-boy to finish his breakfast so we can make a trip to the doctor. He's still coughing and not sleeping well. He's in a good mood, though--which is great. I hate having to sit in the waiting room with a cry-ey baby. It makes me want to cry right along with him. I just want to shout at someone: "Can't you get a doctor to look at him NOW?"

When we get home, I've got to track down all my old werewolf manuscripts. I was going to work on one for Avon Red, and I burned down most of it off the old comp yesterday. Mini-boy wrecked the mouse on the desktop comp, so I'm having to transfer everything slowly to the notebook. Boy, that's no small task while working on a comp without a mouse!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cowboys, PMS, Birthdays, and Book News

Okay, I don't usually dig cowboy pictures, but I was browsing around and this guy captured my interest. I'd probably get kicked by a horse or would run into a fence post if I worked on a farm with this guy. Not too shabby there, Joe Bob. Now put on a shirt and get back to work!

In all the hustle and bustle lately I forgot to mention that the model from my Bonding Exerience cover, Sarina Vanzant, has agreed to become the first ever inhouse cover model at Cobblestone Press. That's tres cool, if I do say so myself. I'm honored to have her on my cover! Also, today I received my editor assignment for Wicked Temptation. Woot! That's moving along quickly. It's kind of scary. Just a little. I'm a tough old bitty though. I'll pull through, I'm sure.

Only a few days left before I leave 30 behind forever. It really doesn't bother me to be turning 31. I'm actually looking forward to my birthday this year, not shying away from being a year older. I even went out and picked out a b-day gift for myself. It feels a bit crazy to do something like that, but at the same time, it's quite liberating. It's been a memorable year, if nothing else can be said of it. I'm in the mood to buck a few trends.

On another note, I have been overdosing on ice cream the past few days. PMS. I do swear. Now that's something I could do without. I really need to be saving all my extra calories for the upcoming party... but I know darn well I'm not going to do it. lol

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Lesson for New Writers

It was only two or three months ago I was comforting a fellow writer friend who'd gotten a really nasty book review. I felt really sad for her once I went and read the review, because to me it sounded like an almost personal attack on her writing style rather than the content of her book. I've seen far, far worse reviews than that, don't get me wrong, but the review was enough to send the woman--who has a very sweet and quirky nature--crying into a pint of Haagen Daaz.

Even then as I watched all this happening around me, I thought: Buck up, Cora, girl. Your day is coming.

And it has. I received a truly scathing review for Crossing Borders yesterday. I received it by email and when I read it, I sat and stared, feeling numb for several minutes. I'd never heard of the review site before, but that didn't matter. It wasn't even so much that the reviewer hated my book. I knew from day one I was not going to be spared that little speed bump of the trade, and I've said as much publicly and privately. Just like rejection letters, I know bad reviews are part of the job. Not everyone is going to like what I write, or how I write, and they are not going to be shy about saying so. But it wasn't so much that this person didn't like my story than it was the little critique that came following all this about how my story might have been better.

Now, I am all about constructive criticism. It's necessary to better yourself as a writer. In fact, I've taken constructive criticism before with Crossing Borders. Although most people don't know it, Crossing Borders was originally a contest piece. The requirements of the contest were that the entry be of erotic romance genre and I think, between 5 - 12k words. Well, C/B didn't quite make the cut, but it was offered up a second chance after revisions. Although I didn't take the second chance offer, I did rewrite the story according to everything they listed on an attached sheet. And I feel I learned a tremendous amount from the short critique. The warning about passive sentences made the entire experience worth it. I think that, above everything else, has changed my writing for the better.

So with this review, I took note of the contructive criticism at the end. If I would have taken part C and placed it in front of part A and added more story here, it might've been enjoyable. That was pretty much it. I stared at this and felt a little sad, but none for the worst. Then doubt started creeping in. Had I really written something so terrible?

Crossing Borders takes place over a grand timeline of about an hour and a half to two hours tops. From start to finish, the hero and heroine, who have a long history together, do not have time to really sit and consider their actions. The story is a fast-paced, watershed moment in their lives. It's a turning point for both of them. They finally have a chance to be together again. Will they take it, or won't they?

Taking a cue from the review, I tried to picture my story written in the reverse. The backstory at the beginning, instead of fed in little parts throughout or told through dialogue. I tried to picture my characters curtailling their love-making after not seeing one another for two years. I took all these elements and did a mental rewrite of the story.

You know what I discovered? I decided if I had written my story like that, I wouldn't have liked it. Even more, I wouldn't have read it. I would have skipped through all the backstory at the beginning to get directly to the meat, the action. That's what I like, a story that moves. If I reach a flat section in a novel, I skip ahead and make a mental note to go back and read it later. Sometimes I do, but most of the time, I have to admit, I don't go back. Those books that read like that never make my keeper shelf.

I write stories that revolve around my characters. They are the story, and they are largely developed through dialogue, just as real people are. We as humans are mostly perceived to be who we are by what we say and what we do. How we project ourselves. If that's not true, then why would so many momma's out there say to their kids: Watch your mouth! I like to show action and reaction to both events and dialogue. That's how I function, and that's what I do with my characters. Everyone has a past, and it can help determine how they will react, but it is just that... the past. I want to know what's happening with Dick and Jane right now. If I have to spend 9 pages before the story starts explaining their past, I'm not gonna write that story. But then, that's just me.

I am not explaining the bad review, or trashing the anyone's opinion. I'm not snarking in self-defence. This reviewer didn't like the book. I gotcha. I accept that. There are more bad reviews to come, I'm sure. And I can only imagine the horrible, nasty reviews I'll get when I finally make it to a print publishing house. This is one more chink in the armor. Good practice for the road that lies ahead.

After all this, I feel like I've had a major growth spurt as a writer. I've realized that despite what other people think, I write what I write. Erotic romance. It is what it is: lots of steamy sex. I don't write suspence or mysteries or cozies or thrillers. I don't read those genres. I write "people" stories and after imagining Crossing Borders as something other than what it is, I know I wouldn't be happy writing anything else. And that's really the main thing, isn't it? Being happy with what you write. Loving your characters and missing them once you finish your story. That's what makes being a writer so great. You can't please everyone all the time. But you can write what you love and respect yourself for it. Love it or hate it, there it is.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Adding New Planets?

Has anyone else been following this in the news? The science community is having a vote to determine whether they will redefine the qualifications of what makes a planet. This could potentially bring the planets in our solar system to a grand total of 12 known planets instead of 9. One of the qualifications states that a planet must be spherical. Uh, okay. Take that all you square and triangular planets--you suck!

I hope they pass it, although I do hope they rename planet Xena something else. Yep, as sad as that sounds, there is a planet out there named for the tv show/character. Lucy Lawless must be incredibly proud. I do hope they rename it. I think there's nothing that begs for an intergalactic ass kicking quite like having a planet named after an Amazon warrior princess off of TV. *cringe* Kind of like that poor kid back in jr. high that caught hell everyday because he carried an ancient Charlie's Angels lunch box with him to school.

But that isn't the only thing I'm concerned about--lunch boxes and Xena aside. How will this affect our horoscopes? Some astrologers have been counting Charon (Pluto's moon) in their charts since it was discovered in the 70s. How will Planet Xena and the other... Ceres, or whatever that planet is called, affect the charts? Does that mean we Virgos will finally get our own ruling planet? Perhaps this means we won't have to share Mercury with Geminis anymore? I hope so! Then we can shake our new planet in the face of all the other horoscope signs. And I'd do it too. Just because it's been a slow week and I have nothing else to do... :P

Sunday, August 20, 2006

First Review for Bonding Experience!

Wow! Paranormal Romance Reviews has reviewed Bonding Experience. Here's what they had to say...

Bonding Experience Review

"untamed and riveting"
Your scent provokes me. Your body wields me into knots of sexual need. Leaving me hungering for your touch, or taste. Come to me my mate, share your passion with me...

Claire gets a very unexpected letter delivered to her at work. It is no ordinary letter, oh no. This is an announcement of a mating between her and Luke Roman. The same person, who when they were in high school together, tortured her unmercifully. The letter must be a mistake. No way was this on the level. They were like oil and water, not mixing together if their lives depended on it. Yet, the pulsing of sexual excitement that her body is feeling is trying to convince her mind of something totally different.

Bonding Experience is the newest release and the second book in the werekind series by authoress Cora Zane. Ms. Zane has a graceful sexuality to her voice that brings her characters to life with well-written wording and finely detailed descriptions. The characters take on a presence that can almost be tasted and felt. With each page that turns, you will become caught up within their realm. Their love and passion will become yours.

Claire is fit-to-be-tied. Just when life seems to be going along smoothly, wham...she is mated. Mated to of all people, Luke Roman. That wise cracking, prank-playing ass cannot possible be her mate, could he? Yet for all her blustering, her body is already humming for his touch--his taste.

Luke is predatory and what he wants, he gets. Claire may think she knows what is going on, but she is in for a 'big' surprise, and in more ways than one! This werewolf in on the hunt and nothing is going to stand in his way...nothing!

This kind of paranormal love story is untamed and riveting to read. The sexual attraction between the two main characters is undeniable primal and erotically written to enthrall the readers. If you are looking for an extremely engrossing paranormal/shifter tale, then you will want to rush out and grab a copy of Bonding Experience by Cora Zane--right now! This book is a cut above the rest, in this reviewer's humble opinion.

Reviewer Janalee Ruschhaupt

Reviewed by Janalee Ruschhaupt
Courtesy Paranormal Romance Reviews
Posted August 20, 2006

It's All About Perspective

It's been a pleasant weekend. I'm a little under the weather as of today, and mini-boy has come down sick as of last night, but it was nice to spend a weekend with no writing, no responsibilities, just all of us kicking around town then coming back and hanging out here at home.

My thirty-first birthday is right around the corner, and I've been trying to think of what I want... I think I want something silly, like a birthday cake with Care Bears all over it. Or My Little Ponies. Or rainbows. Something fun and colorful. Lately I've been hitting such rollercoaster highs and lows I feel like I just need to throw off everything that's been getting to me and have a bit of fun.

You know, now that I think about it, I kinda expected to be freaking out about turning thirty-one, but I guess it's not such a big deal after all. Now turning 30... OMG. I cried on and off all day when I turned 30. It felt like then end of the world. I'm not sure why, but it sort of felt like my childhood was over and done with. Dead. Finis. Now it feels like I'm starting all over again. I see potential for myself, and that feels pretty darn good.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Bonding Experience Release Day Contest Winners!

Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for: the winners of my giveaway to celebrate the kids being back in school...oh, yeah, and to celebrate the release of Bonding Experience! I have drawn four names from my subscriber list out of a hat.

Winner of the chocolate treat box is Vicki Wurgler!
Winner of the potpourri/candle set is Nicole Simmons!
Winner of the Moonlight Way Gift set is Kim Westgaard!
Winner of a copy of Bonding Experience is Ron (BarracudaRon)!

I will email each of you tomorrow to get your mailing information. Or in Ron's case, your ebook preference--html or pdf. You may also email me at with your information, but please do so from the email account you signed up for my newsletter with.

Congrats all around!

It Takes A Lot of Paper

Remember when I said I use a lot of paper when creating an ebook? Take a look! Trees everywhere are crying. That is almost a full package of computer paper for a 22,000 word story, and almost every page there is marked and remarked, highlighted, with stuff scribbled in the margins. It's a mess! Since the folder I bought for that particular story obviously won't hold everything, it's all been neatly packed into an expandy file and stored with the other manuscripts.

BTW, you see that scanner in the picture? That big whitish-gray square lump on the second shelf? Yeah, that scanner. Why oh why do I still hold on to that thing? I never use it anymore. It has the lousiest resolution on the planet. Well, I guess it does still have it's uses. I sometimes turn my chair sideways at the desk, turn my keyboard, then prop my feet up on it. My very own electronic ottoman. *blush*

Now the mini-person in the next picture is what's usually clinging to my leg saying, "Mam Mam!" while I'm trying to write. How can one turn that down, I ask you? You can't. It's impossible. Such cuteness will not be denied. So onto my lap he goes. Poor thing. I'm glad he can't read yet. He'd probably catch a glimpse of one my spicier love scene and he'd be scarred for life!

If you're a parent and a writer, you've got to have a whole lot of patience to go along with that paper! At least that's how it is in my case. ^_^

Anyway, today is release day for Bonding Experience. Cobblestone Press should have it up and running for download sometime today. :-) You know, after I wrote Crossing Borders, I wondered if I could actually do it again--write something good enough to sell. Bonding Experience is my confirmation piece, so to say. For that reason it holds a dear place in my heart.

Well, hubby is off work today so we're going to go buy birthday presents for oldest offspring today. His birthday isn't for another week, but this is likely the only chance we'll get to go shopping together. Soo...I better go have a shower and get dressed.

One more thing before I go! This is the last day to sign up to win one of four neato prizes from me, including a free copy of Bonding Experience. All you have to do is sign up for the Cora Zane newsletter. There's a sign up box on the bottom right side of the page. Winners will be announced tonight after the Cobblestone Press release day chat. (Chat is from 7-9 pm CST) Good luck!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Random Snazziness

I was reflecting yesterday on how I far I've come since trying to get my first book published in 2005. A lot of my family and friends think it's not so big a deal - epubbing, bah humbug, and all that. Whatever. Epublished or not, I feel I've finally breeched some big hurdle and that feels really good.

I don't think people who aren't writers can really understand what it's like to work so hard on something knowing that despite how you feel about it people are going to look over with a shrewd eye, judge it, probably spend very little time on it, and then in one fail swoop either praise it or rip it to shreds without so much as a care to the effort put in it. I don't think my family and friends realize that hey, published is published. I'm getting paid for what I do now, and to me that's a big thing. I don't care if I'm getting $5.00 a year for it; although money is nice, it's not about so much about that so much as the fact that I've manage to finally do what I thought I might never be able to do--write something worth selling. Am I alone in thinking this?

Last night I was reading an erotic romance book (a print title) and I thought--I want to do this. I want to have something in hold-it-in-your-hands print. Of course I've always had that in the back of my mind to write novels, but this... I don't know, felt different. I caught myself thinking in a new way about print books. I caught myself looking at it as a project, and not as a career move. Somehow, looking at it this way made it seem do-able.

I have had such a happy go with epubbing that I think I will always be geared to doing e-work. I love the freedom of it. But I'm also considering trying out a new print project for 2007. I guess if I'm going to, I better start doing some research. I'm sure this is going to be a whole new ballgame!

Bonding Experience Available Friday 8/18/06

My latest erotic werewolf romance Bonding Experience(book 2 in the Werekind Series) is coming out tomorrow from Cobblestone Press!

When her pack leader issues a mating pact between herself and hotshot werewolf Luke Roman, Claire knows there must be some mistake. She doesn't know Luke very well, but she can't imagine two less compatible people being thrown together.

Luke has loved Claire for years, and he isn't about to let her undo what he's worked so hard to put into effect. When she refuses to discuss the pact arrangements with him even when he follows her home, Luke finds a silk scarf on her dresser and decides to try other, more creative ways of getting Claire's undivided attention.

This book is HOT, HOT, HOT! You must be 18+ to download.

Here's an excerpt from the book: (Medium heat range here so be warned!)

"Claire," he breathed, the name soft and husky on his lips. Just as
quickly as he said it, his tongue invaded her mouth again, swirling
and dueling, bringing to life every secret fantasy she'd ever had
about him.

His taut, rippled abs twitched erotically beneath her splayed fingers
when she traced her hands up to grip his shoulders. A note of heated
approval rumbled in his chest, and in a rapid series of movements, he
broke from her just long enough to strip the black T shirt over his

He came back to her in an instant, his flat, copper nipples pebbled
in arousal, his cinnamon skin so smooth and hot to the touch. "Luke,"
she breathed, shaking her head. It was incredibly hard to speak, but
it was happening so fast, fear beat down on her. She had to stop this
before it got out of hand.

"Please. I-I don't think… I don't think I can handle this."
"Emotionally?" he asked huskily. "Or physically?"
"Take your pick," she managed weakly, miserably.

She tried to push back from him, but he wouldn't budge. He held onto
her, his grip tightening on her hips when she would have pulled away.
She squirmed to get around him, and together they shuffled away from
the nightstand, Luke turning with her, clinging to her.

"Don't do this, Claire. Give me a chance." His eyes searched hers,
beseeched her, even as she tried to evade his kiss. "Who knows, you
might even like me if you let yourself."

Boy, was that the truth, Claire thought wryly. Luke Roman was
temptation incarnate. But a cooler, more level-headed Claire was
quickly settling in—a Claire that knew his reputation, and didn't
want to get hurt.

She managed to disengage herself from him, but Luke wasn't about to
let her be. He caught her around the end of the bed, and quickly
sidestepped, putting himself between her body and the door.

"Honey, I don't know why you keep running from me, but if this has
anything to do with my dating cheerleaders. I can assure you I'm not
seeing any. Hell, I didn't want to date them back then, but the girl
I wanted wouldn't give me the time of day."

"Well, she was one smart girl to avoid you," Claire snapped without

"Not too damn smart," Luke replied roughly, blocking her path when
once again she tried to sidestep him. "I've been crazy in love with
this girl for the past—what's it been? Ten? Fifteen years?—and she
hasn't realized it yet."

Claire froze. Ripples of excitement and uncertainty skittered through
her.Luke in love? With her?

She was at a loss for what to do, what to say. He looked earnest,
serious, and even slightly angry with her, but she still wasn't sure
she believed him. How could she? Everything she believed she knew
about him and had experienced in the past seemed to contradict what
he was telling her now. A part of her wanted to believe him, but he
was the Luke—former football captain, hotshot alpha know-it-all; now
successful business owner and desirable bachelor within her pack.

She ran a trembling hand through her hair, frowning thoughtfully—
torn. This was all so new to her, so strange and unexpected. He
wanted sex—that much she understood. How could she trust the rest?

In the end Claire pushed around him. He simply couldn't be trusted—
not now—not so soon. She folded her arm across the flap of the towel
to hold it in place as she bent to pick up a light robe from the end
of her bed.

"I'm sorry, Luke. Maybe with time we can—"

"Time. Right. You're doing it again," he grated angrily. "Pushing me

"That`s not true," she lied, her eyes flickering over him. "It's
just… We hardly even know each other!"

"Well, consider this a bonding experience," Luke said flatly as he
stepped forward and shoved her onto the bed. "Because I'm not going

from Bonding Experience, by Cora Zane
Available from August 18, 2006

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Naughty, Naughty Vampires!

I just wanted to make a quick post on top of ol' Dumbledore to let you all know the very naughty vampires of Wicked Temptation will be making their debut appearace at Octoberfest!

Around 8 PM yesterday I was about to put mini-boy in the bath, and decided I'd check my email one last time for the night. Well, when I got to my inbox there it was, my acceptance letter and contracts for Wicked Temptation. Woohoo! *dance, dance* I am both happy and greatly relieved it's contracted. After all the rush, rush of trying to finish, news of the book being accepted was like balm for the tired soul.

One more thing before I go...
I want to mention that Bonding Experience is coming out this Friday! That means there's still time to register to win one of four prizes I'm giving away in conjunction with release day! I'll be announcing the winners here after the Cobblestone Press release chat Friday night, as well as in my upcoming newsletter. Don't miss out! All you have to do is scroll down the page and sign up for the Cora Zane Newsletter to be eligible.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Wicked Temptation

Despite what the post date says on the blog, it's Tuesday the 15th. I saved this pic for another post, but decided it fits with my mood today, so I decided to use it.

I haven't blogged in a couple of days; I've been working almost nonstop since Saturday, and I just sent off Wicked Temptation to Cobblestone Press about thirty minutes ago. Today is the deadline, so I do believe for all standard purposes I made it. I don't think I could have cut it any closer, though.

I was up all night working on Chapter 3 (which had formerly been part of Chapter 4), and just this morning, I finished the final chapter. Whew! I am sooo tired, but at the same time I feel quite accomplished.

Last week, I was beginning to wonder if these characters were even worth writing about, then last night I was working on the chapter of doom and I hit this point where everything just seemed to mesh. From that point on, I couldn't help feeling that everything I'd gone through to write this book was worth it.

Now to wait for the bosses to decide.

In the meantime, I'm going to relax for a bit. Maybe spend a few minutes catching up with my friends on myspace, or reroot a cabbie or something. I've been so hung up on one thing, that I've let everything else go by the wayside. I didn't even realize it until last night Bonding Experience is coming out on Friday. *woohoo!*

On another note, today was oldest offspring's first day back to school. Oh man...I can't believe it. My son is in highschool!! *drags out rocking chair and walking cane* Mini offspring has been looking for his Bubba on and off whenever he stops to think about it.

I'm off for now. I know I promised to give my theory on why Dumbledore is not dead in HP6, but Mini-boy is wanting attention so I'm going to go play with him. If there's time tonight, I'll post again to try and catch up.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Changes to Make

I. AM. GOING. INSANE. There is one chapter in Wicked Temptation that's giving me complete bitch-fit-itis right now. Can you guess which chapter I'm referring to? Grr! No matter how much I cut or rewrite Chapter 3, it still sucks! I could do the old fix *whine, whine* and rewrite it from the hero's POV, but I just don't want to! *stamps foot*

On another note, I have about 100 pages left to read in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, then I'll spill my theory about Dumbledore. Muahahahaha! I know, I know... I should've finished it by now, but I didn't get much reading in yesterday. I'll try to read a bit more today after I get at least one entire chapter of editing completed. (Gotta push myself to do this, folks!)

Oh! In case you haven't dropped by MMC lately, Tempest Knight, Cassandra Curtis, Brandi Broughton, and I are celebrating the 1 month anniversary of the Midnight Moon Cafe! The blog has turned out even better than we hoped, and we're going to be celebrating with giveaways, interesting paranormal tidbits, contests and all that jazz. Don't miss out!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Winding Down

This has probably been one of the worst weeks ever. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. I'll be glad to get to the weekend whether I get this damn story finished or not.

We've been having on and off power outages for the past few days. The worst one was for about a 2 hour stretch Tuesday night. It was 11pm and blazing hot. We cracked open the front door but there wasn't so much as a breeze to help cool us off. I ended up pacing around the front yard in the dark with the baby, trying to keep him cooled off. I'm not really sure what the big deal is with the lights. They have trucks going up and down the road every so often. All I can think is maybe the construction crew working one road over keeps tinkering with things. I don't know. But it's not very productive to writing, I can assure you that.

On another note, I've been reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince during the brown-outs. Okay, no spoilers folks, I've already had one person tell me Dumbledore dies, but if so much as one more secret about the book leaks before I get to read it, I will cast wicked voodoo on whoever spills the beans! ^_^

Anyway, I'm about half-way through the book and already I have a theory about what's happening in the next one. First off, I don't believe for an instant that Dumbledore is actually dead. I'll share that theory once I will take a bit of explaining, and I'm a bit short on time today.

Well, I'm off for now, folks. I'm going to go try and do a bit of editing.

PS. Isn't the sea dragon picture simply gorgeous! Beautiful creature!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Full Moon Fantasy Chat Tonight

Attention werewolf romance fans: Full Moon Fantasy madness Starts tonight!

Join Full Moon Fantasy authors Brandi Broughton, L. Shannon, Loribelle Hunt, and Cora Zane in the Cobblestone Press chatroom tonight starting at 7 pm (CST)

Time is running out!
Sign up now to join the Full Moon Fantasies Yahoo! Group and be eligible for tonight's drawing for a free copy of Brandi Broughton's LYCAN INSTINCT.

Future chats, with more prizes and fun, will be held each month on full moon nights. Hope to see ya there!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Magical Monday

Okay, we all know most Mondays suck, but today really wasn't too bad. I've been writing for the most of it, although I also managed to load the dishwasher, read a little bit in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, make a trip to town, spend some movie time with the boys, and I even submitted a little something-something to The Crabby Cows to shred. It actually was quite painless--the submission, I mean. The work was something I've had on the backburner a while, and it surprised me to see it wasn't too bad. They liked my voice. *g* I've made a list of their comments so I'll know what to change in the passage.

On another note, my favorite area candle maker--Mary's Candles--is no longer selling at my local store. I'm wondering if maybe they've gone out of business. I certainly hope not. They make the best orange (pomegranite scented) candles I have ever used. Looks like I'm going to have to crack a phone book and find out what's going on. I hope they're not gone permanently! I don't know where I'll get my orange candles if they're not around anymore.

Tonight I'll be finishing off the last chapter of Wicked Temptation and printing up the lot of it. I'm going to do a complete read through again of the book. Really, I need to take a pic of the amount of paper I go through just for one story. You'd be surprised, considering I write ebooks. I use a lot of paper. And usually most of a black ink cartridge per book.

OH! I almost forgot... I wanted to post a reminder about my contest. You still have time to entered to win one of four prizes. All you have to do is sign up for my Cora Zane newsletter--the sign up box is on the right hand side of this page. The first issue will contain the name of the contest winners. (The names will also be posted here, August 18th--the last day to sign up.)

The Midnight Moon Cafe is also hosting a post contest today. Just go and post about the hot guy picture, the best scene you can think up. You might be the winner of a cute journal with a kitty on the front. Fun stuff!

In case you didn't notice, (I'm sure you did though, lol) I posted an inspirational pic today. He looks a little young to me, but boy does he have some tasty abs. How can you not stop to stare? ^_^

Friday, August 04, 2006

Thumb-sucking Kitty Doll

EBay owns me. Oh, yes, it's true. I am a honest-to-goodness shopaholic on the best of days, but put me in front of eBay and my brain cells begin to sizzle.

I collect 80s toys--stuff I had or liked when I was a kid. (Yes, believe the rumors. There was actually a time I was under 25.) For me, eBay is like the Shangri-La of those much coveted toys. Whenever I get stressed ((Back off, Dr. Phil!)) or I have a few extra bucks to spend frivilously, I go hunting for lost childhood treasures.

Like thumb-sucking kitty dolls. *glee* I got my first one in kindergarten. It was one of my favorite toys--of which I have only three. 1.) A 1983, black signature Cabbage Patch Boy with red fuzzy hair with blue eyes. 2.) A rust colored bull dog Pound Puppy from 1985. And 3.) a mangy, gnarled up, gray Nyamy kitty from 1979.

Am I pushing your NERD ALERT buttons yet?

My old Nyamy kitty was falling apart, so about 6 years ago, I replaced him with a mint one I found on eBay. I paid way too much for it depending on who you ask, but I got him, brought him home and squeeeeee'd with joy. Then came Pepper, the black nyamy I found about a year later. Mint condition black fur and cute bandana around the neck. Purrrfect! Into the curio cabinet he goes.

Last night, I bid on the creme de la creme of yummy Nyamy kitty-beasts. *drumroll*

Vanilla! I have you, I have you! I paid too much AGAIN, but I won, I won! *glee* *shimmy* *booty wiggle*

Ahhhh.... I feel semi-human again. Shopping beast sated for the moment, I may now resume working with a clear head.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Win This Stuff!

August is the month of motherly recovery--at least it is in my household! My son goes back to school on the same week as my release date for Bonding Experience, so it's certainly a week to celebrate and relax. :)

To help celebrate, I will be giving away a multitude of fun, mom friendly "Yay! The Kids are Back To School" prizes:

*A Midnight Way shower gel set and scrubby
*A scented candle and potpourri set
*A treat bag of chocolatey goodness-Yum!
*And a free copy of Bonding Experience! (will coincide with release day)

All you have to do to enter is sign up for my new, periodic Cora Zane newsletter by August 18th--Bonding Experience release day!

This newsletter will not be an email-flooder. It will only be sent periodically, as news on my upcoming releases, chat dates and appearances, links to find me on the net, and contest news--that sort of thing--accumulates.

I will pick four winners at random from the subscription list and announce them here after the Cobblestone Press chat Friday, August 18th. Friday chats start at 7 pm, CST and last til around 9.

To sign up for my newsletter, fill in the subscription box in the right column of the page. Easy peasy!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Not Enough Hours

I've got a busy day ahead, and since I'm going to have to make a run to the store and the bank in a few minutes, I thought I'd stop by to blog.

There is pure insanity going on here, and I'm doing what I can to keep a calm head. Hubby is bent on his promotion, I'm trying to get everything together for oldest offspring's back to school--including buying uniforms, shoes, and arranging to get his hair cut and bleached like he wants (video game fashion, I swear). We ran out of checks, so I'm completely without cash, but there's nothing in the cabinets to eat other than some baby cereal. *yummy, powdered rice* :P So I have to go shopping or starve (although the size of my thighs say it's unlikely, lol). ^_^

As for writing, I'm still chugging away at Wicked Temptation. I made wonderful progress yesterday and early this morning. Woot! That casts a positive light on my day already. I'll do more on it this afternoon once I'm home from running errands.

Tomorrow I'll be posting information on how to enter my Yay! The Kids Are Going Back to School Soon! contest. This is to promote my upcoming release, Bonding Experience. I'll be giving away a showergel kit, scented candles, chocolate, and more!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Metaphor for a Missing Moment

I only have a about ten minutes to blog, I'm expecting a phone call at 3 and need to get my rump of the computer. I managed to plow my way through a rough spot I was having with Wicked Temptation this morning. Now that it's down, I'm moving on to the last bits that need completion. Cobblestone has graciously given me to the 15th, to get my story in, so I'm taking advantage of every moment. If I'm not around in the coming days you'll at least know why.

As for the phone call, I'm waiting to hear from hubby. He just learned this morning he is up for a major, major promotion. Neither of us expected this. He is very happy about it. Me? Not so much. I hope he doesn't take it, not because I don't think he can handle the job, but I don't want him to be bogged down with work that it takes up even more of what little home time he has. And this job will make him a supervisor, and I know it will do just that. The pay would be nice. We could pay off a lot with the increase. But really, I'd rather take our time paying things off and still get to have him home on the weekends rather than sacrifice hometime for a raise.