Saturday, July 22, 2006

Little Things Matter

I finished a rug wall hanging for the baby's room yesterday. Until now, he had no pictures up in there. It's a latch hook, nothing major, of a smiley faced sunshine over a rainbow. It matches the colors of his room. I know, I know... by the time he's two or three he's going to have outgrown stuff like this...rainbows, really! But when I saw the kit I wanted to make it for him. When it comes to later on, I can move the rug to another room.

Apparently I was not irrational in my thinking that the effort would count for something, because my teenage son came in to view the rug and thought it was nice. I was surprised he actually liked it. He's into anime and goth stuff, and dragons and what not. But there was a wistful look in his eye that mothers don't miss. Envy. Although he did not say so, I could tell that to him it was the love that went into it that counted, not the actual picture. It was the fact I did this rug for the baby.

I still have edits to do and a book to finish, but I decided after this I will make a rug for my oldest. I honestly didn't think he'd want one, but now I believe he's of the age to appreciate it for what it is. I've already started hunting for a kit that has a tiger or a dragon theme. I think he'd appreciate it even more if I can find something that shows I actually pay attention to his personal interests.

On another note, it's raining again. I better go make sure the windows are zipped on the Jeep.


  1. He likes dragons?! Alright! I already like that kid of yours. He's got good tastes. *wg* Kids no matter the age love it when their moms do something that shows they know what they like. Gosh, I'm 41, and I floored when mom comes by my house with something that shows she bought it thinking of me. *g* Like for my b-day she bought me this huge portrait of a tiger swimming. I went ga-ga over it. She knows I'm a sucker for tigers. (My next tattoo has to be a tiger!)

  2. He loves dragons, and tigers, and anything Asian inspired. I try to keep that in mind when shopping for him. Ooh! Tiger tattoo!! Did you see the one on Angelina Jolie's back? Gorgeous! Done in the old style, a traditional (painful!) tattoo.

    I, myself, stopped after two tattoos. One I like, the other one... eh, not so much. I'm wanting the one on my shoulder removed. It's of twining roses. The fairy on my ankle can stay though. ;) What kind of tattoos do you have?

  3. So far I've got only one, which I got when I was 20. It's a small four-leave clover, and as for where it is, er... let's say if a man gets to see it, he must be getting VERY lucky. *winks*

    After the clover, I thought about getting a black rose with a heart. Thank goodness I never did! But I'm totally on board about the tiger one. I thought about putting it on my butt, and add the dates when I graduated. (The tiger is the mascot of the university I graduated from.) So when I asked for my credits, I would say, "Sure, here," and drop my pants. *wg*

    Oh yeah, I saw Angelina's serial pic when she was getting it down. OMG, I cringed as if it were done on me. OUCH!


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