Thursday, July 20, 2006

It Strikes Twice

Yesterday at around 6:30 PM we had a freak thunderstorm pass through. I say freak, because it blew up suddenly, pelted us with hail, sheets of rain that blew down tree limbs and powerlines, then was quickly over.

I was home with the boys when it hit, and after the first five minutes of rain knew the lights were going to go out. Again. This is only like the second time in a month. And sure enough...

It's been so incredibly hot here. I live in Louisiana, and there's a saying: if the heat doesn't get you, the humidity will. It's true. Yesterday when this storm hit, we'd been having 100 degree weather. There have been advisories out for people to stay indoors under fans and air conditioning, because with the humidity and all that weather man stuff, blah - blah, the heat index makes it feel like 115 outside. Well, of course this is the day the lights go out!

As soon as the lights went out, I opened the dining room window and the front door to catch the breeze. It starts getting stuffy too quickly to do otherwise. It's thundering, lightning; rain is sheeting into the house... I'm having to lay down towels at the foot of the doors and windows, and the baby keeps running over the towels playing on them. He's excited because of the "shower" coming through the window, but at one point he turns to run from towel to bare floor and slips. He falls flat on his back and hits his head. HARD. We have cement floors. Ouch! I picked him up and huggled him and kissied boo boos, and once he stopped crying I decided I would have to stick baby in the play pen while the rain is going on. What other choice do I have? It's too darn hot to sit with no a/c and the doors and windows closed. So, in the play pen baby goes.

And thus the whining begins... *_*

Hubby arrived home about 15 minutes late because of all the rain, but I tell you, it felt like hours. The baby was screaming, I had a screaming headache, I was hot, and according to the automated "outage report" number, we were going to be without power til 2 AM. I convinced hubby to get in the car and take a drive to Sonic. At least in the car we'd have air conditioning!

The oldest didn't want to change out of his old smelly lounging clothes, so he stayed home on the promise of an Extra Long Cheese Coney and an Ocean Water. He said he'd call us if the lights came on. So off hubby, the baby and I went.

We got the call right as we were leaving the restaurant that the lights were back up. By that time it's around 8:30 PM. That was one of those calls that feels like you just won the lottery. I couldn't wait to get back home.

Talk about a crazy evening. I have to admit, I don't think I could have been one of the dashing heroines in those historical romances... living in those god-awful body encasing dresses with no a/c. *gasp* I'd probably have died of heat exhaustion. Or, I'd have been one of those shameless hussies walking around in short pants and one of those thin ruffle-dy men's shirts of the day. (The not-quite a pirate girl look, arr!) Oh, how I love air conditioning. I was thinking about all this while I was getting into the bath last night. Then I realized it's not even August yet. Summer heat always tends to save the best for last.


  1. Oh, I'm happy to hear the lights came back much earlier than expected. I know how hard it's to be without electricity. We spent a week without it when hurricane Georges hit us. And it was in the middle of the hottest month for us!

    The temps here have been freakishly high too, but no a/c down here. *g* I just leave the windows open, even at night. Thank goodness for screens or I'd have bugs getting in. Ugh!

  2. Power outages in summer really suck. So far we've been lucky (Maryland here.) Even with the threat of power outages, I still look forward to thinderstorms. With the mountains in our view, seeing the lightening strike against them is just beautiful. My hubby gets on me, cause I'll sit on the front porch in a raging storm watching the lightening!

    As for your comment about the heroines, hell no. I'd be moaning and complaining all summer, of course, no different than now though!

    Hope the power stays on for the rest of the summer for you!

  3. I'm so feeling your pain w/ power outages. We had one a few weeks ago that was only five hours and happened luckily enough on a decent (i.e. not too hot) night, but still. It sucked.

    The worst one was right after New Year's - our power was out for nearly 72 hours. Yet our friends who live down the road had power. It was so bad we went over there and took showers, etc. Awful. But at least it wasn't hot.

  4. We had a tiny storm here too. Was lovely outside afterwards, yet the house was like an oven. Is today too. We don't have AC as a rule here, just fans that churn hot air around...


  5. It's been hot here too (southern Alabama), but this time of year we really expect it to be lol. But without a/c? Oh, that sucks! Glad you weren't out long!

  6. We stay up in the triple digits from about July to September...but it is a dry desert heat. I don't envy you the humidity. I hate the humidity!!!

    Glad the power came on earlier than expected :)

  7. Ugh, Karen, I've done the 72 hours without power thing, and boy that sucks big time. Luckily we have a gas waterheater and stove, so we don't have to leave home for showering, etc. The last time we had an outage like that, we'd just brought the baby home. It was in July or August and I ended up having to take both infant and teen to stay at my moms. It was just too hot to do otherwise. Talk about miserable! I was so ready to go home.

  8. Jen, that sounds gorgeous, the summer lightning and the mountains. I love it!

    Silma, ugh. Bugs. We have screens but still they get in. June bugs especially. Nothing like getting pelted in the face with a June bug while trying to type. LOL

  9. ME, you've got strength. I'd weep without a/c. Or spend all my time at stores or friends houses who have a/c. ^_^

    Lori, I've been to Alabama a few times. It's gorgeous over there! It's always been in the fall when I've visited, though, so luckily I wasn't out walking around in the heat.

    Kim, dry desert heat and triple digits?! Oh wow! I'll have to recheck your profile for your location. How do you manage? I'd be walking around with one of those silly hats with the fan attached to it. *_*


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