Monday, July 03, 2006

Hot Reads for July 4th!

Firefighter, Aaron Montana, doused flames for a living. But would country music singer, Bailey Carson, be the one to cause an inferno he couldn't extinguish? He'd been burned in relationships one too many times, but something in Bailey's voice soothed him more than the smoothest whiskey. So why was he still sitting in his usual spot at the back table drooling in his bourbon, and going home alone?

Bailey Carson would struggle for what she wanted with her last breath. Little did she know the man of her fantasies could take her breath away with one brush of his lips.

Dimitri, Russian pimp premiere and third prince of the Conglacio, has been watching a beautiful white blonde working girl in his territory from afar for a long time. He’s set up a liaison with her, under false pretenses, to make her an offer she won’t be able to resist.

Will she bargain her soul for everything she’s ever wanted or will she stay in the hell she’s created for herself?

Congrats, Mia, for the fantastic review you received for Burning Down Nash Vegas! You go, girl!

I also recently read Bargain By Starlight, and the characters in this book are nothing short of ground breaking. This is a book is like nothing else out there, and the good news is, it's part of a series! For hardcore romance fans who like their books dark!

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