Friday, July 14, 2006

Ellis Reviews Likes Crossing Borders!

Yay! What a wonderful way to finish out the week--a new review! This is whatEllis Reviews had to say about Crossing Borders!

Ellis Star Ratings:
Excellent Description
Worth Every Penny
Can't Put Down

Laney answers a wolf’s mating call, with intention of warning him away from the border that links to her brother, Seth's, territory. As she makes her way to where the wolf is, she sees him in human form. It is Cole, someone she has always loved, who went away, leaving her bereft. Seeing him once again, as he had returned to claim her as his mate, emotions rushed in and she knew he was her soul mate.

Seth, having been away with the rest of the pack, returns. Seeing Laney and Cole together resulted in the two male wolves fighting. This scene was very well done and I felt for Laney as she watched the two men she loved fighting. Quick and fast paced, this actually had my heart beating faster, wondering what would happen.

Eventually, Laney has to choose. Her brother and his pack, or Cole.

Cora Zane is most definitely a writer. It's not often I come across someone that wows me to this extent. Crossing Borders was an absolutely fantastic read from start to finish. Crisp, tight prose. Wonderful imagery. Extremely well written. Ms. Zane is someone to watch out for in the future.

Superb. I can’t stress enough how well Ms. Zane writes. Long may she reign at her keyboard.


Permission granted to Ms. Zane to use any exerpt from this review.
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