Monday, July 31, 2006

Dreaming of 17

This morning I dreamed I pulled the Jeep into a very old looking gas station with those boxy-looking vintage gas pumps from the 1970s. The kind that look almost like the old cigarette vending machines.

The station itself was a bit scraggly, but it was quite busy regardless and the customers were very fast moving. I was a bit slow off the mark, and by the time I climbed out of the Jeep to start pumping the gas this woman in what looked like the red Corsica I used to drive zipped in behind me and said to an attendant: "I'll have ten dollars worth on that pump there." She pointed and I thought, um, lady, that's the pump I'm about to use. Instead of calling her a cow and telling her she'll have to wait her turn, I decided I'd try to hurry about things--never mind the fact I don't have an attendant waiting on me.

As old as the pumps looked; however, they were very modern. They took credit cards and cash right there and I'm thinking--ah ha! I'll just feed money into the pump and be out of here quick.

Wrong answer. First I tried to give the pump a $100 dollar bill, but since I had bunched all my money into this tiny change purse the bill was too crumpled and the machine spit it out. Typical! So I fished around and this time found a $17 dollar bill (no email, please, I do realize there is no such thing :P). The $17 bill is not crumpled up and such, it looks brand spanking new so I decide I'll use it instead. But as I go to feed it into the pump, I see the fine print (don't you hate that?) on the machine... The pump only takes 5s, 10s, and 20s!!! *add your own string of expletives here*

I realize at this point I'm going to have to go into this busy store and get change to use the freaking gas pump. I turn toward the store and see there is a line of people waiting at the counter. By this time I'm all jittery and anxious because I'm holding things up...

**NOTE** While writing this, it's strange but I realized that as anxious as I was in the dream, no one cared that I was holding things up but me. No one was yelling, or throwing things at me. And the people in line in the store didn't seem bothered by the fact they had to wait in line. They were just doing their own thing. *_*

Okay, I guess that's enough poking around in my subconscious mind this morning. Someone point me toward the coffee.


  1. Sounds like your mind is saying that you're putting too much pressure on yourself when certain things can wait and there's no need to hurry. *g*

  2. Wow. I'm with Tempest, this sounds like one of those dreams that is trying to tell you something :)

  3. Wild - and what's up with the 17 dollar bill? Crazy!

  4. That dream was hilariously told!

    Go easy on yourself.



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