Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Downward Spiral

I feel drained, like I'm coming down off a serious case of nerves, but it's all good. Hubby's dad and uncle dropped by (not the wifey this time, as I'd thought). They basically wanted to visit with Jay and see the baby.

The visit went surprisingly well. It's the first time father-in-law has visited us here, (we usually go visit him instead) and he seemed genuinely accepting of the house. *much relief* I've always been a pretty good girl, but for some reason no one quite understands, he didn't quite approve of me when hubby and I first got married. That has gotten better over the years, but there are times he kind of reverts into "son, what were you thinking?" mode. Like a few years back when he learned hubby hands his paycheck over to me to cash. I didn't realize this was weird. After all, Jay and I have been married 15 years. It's not like we have any divided assets. Still, his dad had a mega-cow. But I digress...

Everything is back to normal. I haven't accomplished even a paragraph of writing today, although I've managed to fix a few plot holes in my vamp story. The day is kind of shot, but I can deal with that. I'm just glad things went as smoothly as they did.


  1. Ouch hon, sounds like you've had a crazy hard day. And I'm sorry we didn't help things. :( I think you're fabulous for what it's worth.

    15 years! Wow! I can't even keep a boyfriend for 15 days. That's pretty impressive. Congrats!

  2. Hey Cora, my hubby has his wages paid into my bank, so don't fret about it being weird. He'd rather I use it to pay the bills as he knows he'd waste it.


  3. {{{Cora}}} Don't you worry about your FIL and what he thinks. If you've been married for 15 yrs, which nowadays that's a milestone in many relationships, then you know everything is fine where it counts - between you and your DH. *s*

    So don't let the surprise visit of your in-law ruin your day, chica. You have 3 weeks to finish that vamp story for the Octoberfest. Focus on that. You can do it! I want to be among the first to buy it. ;) So stop being a slackass!

  4. Thanks ladies! I needed that.


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