Sunday, July 30, 2006

Don't Go Chasing Unicorns

It's very early. I've been awake since 3 AM with the baby, and my knees are killing me.

We had a full day yesterday. Hubby, the kids, and I went to Antique Alley and browsed around a while. I was looking for these certain little finger bowls to replace the lost china pieces in my wedding set, but they no longer had the set at the particular store I had seen them in before. I guess someone else lost all their finger bowls too. ^_^

Ah well, it wasn't a total loss. We dropped by Books A Million on our way back through the college end of town, and I bought a copy of Sexy Beast, by Kate Douglas. (It's actually an anthology but I don't have it nearby to get all the names off the cover and I'm a lazy slackass not about to go digging around for it at 5 AM pre-coffee. So bear with me...)I was browsing the book once I got back in the Jeep and noticed the freebie excerpt at the back (yes, I read those things!), and saw it was Undressing Mercy by Deanna Lee--my publisher boss at Cobblestone Press. Pretty cool, no? I thought it was, especially since I wasn't expecting it.

On the way home, I rode in the back with the baby and let the guys have the front seats. I did as much writing as I could, and did some proofing on the sheets of Wicked Temptation that I brought with me. It didn't seem like I managed a lot at the time, but when I got home I noticed I had something like 5 pages worked up. *booty dance* I also figured out the problem with chapter four and made a ton of notes to direct me in fixing it tomorrow--erm, later today. (Caffeine, please!) I'll have only one more chapter to write after that--the ending chapter. The others in between are finished and only need to be proofed and reproofed, and probably clipped and snipped and edited. But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. :P

Oh, before I forget... I got my release date for Bonding Experience the other day. It's scheduled to be out August 18th! :)


  1. Cool on the release date!



  2. Man. I admire the fact that you even tried to write while out and about with your family. Good on you for getting something done.

    And congrats on the release date!

  3. Thanks, ladies! :)

    The writing was on the ride home, Sara, so it wasn't too hard to fit it in. *wink* I knew the baby would sleep on the ride back and the guys would be too worn out to talk much, so that gave me a much needed hour of free time to do my thing. :)

  4. I'm amazed you could write while in the car. *wg* I'm happy to hear you figured out what's wrong with chapter 4.

  5. Hey miss cool chicka :) Congrats on a release date! Love it when all systems are go ;)


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