Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bovine Snazziness

Last night I had my oldest offspring go and load the back of my Jeep so I could haul off the trash. This should be my hubby's job, but he has gotten slack about it, and I can't stand to see a bag of garbage sitting out beside the can. So, after said offspring returns from packing my Jeep with trash, I get my keys and go.

Now, I have not gone anywhere in the Jeep in two weeks. I got five feet from the front of our house and realized the gas light is on. What?! I left my Jeep with a FULL tank of gas. $30.00 worth. I look down and it isn't in the red--it's on Empty! I am serious. The needle is parked on the E.

The Jeep starts to sputter so I pulled into a neighbor's driveway, waited for the slowest drivers in all of North America to pass behind me, then promptly turned around and went home. I made it into the yard where the Jeep died on me.

I went back into the house where hubby was watching TV. "I thought you were taking off the trash." I told oldest offspring at this point to go load the trash in daddy's car. Then I turned to hubby and told him my ride was parked on the lawn with no gas. I was not pleasant. I know who ran the gas out of it. Hubby and my oldest recently took my Jeep to the lake for the sole purpose of being able to ride with the top down, and then hubby drove it back and forth to work at least two days last week. You're telling me they didn't pass a freaking gas station, not once? MEN!!! And they have the balls to talk about women drivers?

On a lighter note, I came across this odd cow collector site by accident this morning while looking up pictures of manatees. Actually this site was quite interesting. I don't collect cows, but if I did...


  1. I am horrible when it comes to gasing the car. I like to wait until the gas light comes on...telling me I have only a gallon left. But, I can go 20 miles at least. And I've never run out of gas. I'd have been pissed too.

    I am also very glad to hear I'm not the only woman who takes care of the trash. It is so much easier to do it myself than nag.

  2. Oh, I'm so paranoid about running out of gas I keep the tank full at all times. My mother makes fun of me, because recently I took her car while mine was being repaired. I used to go from home to work and back, which is about 7 - 10 minute drive. So it's not like I spent that much money on gas. When I returned it though, it was more gas than before.

    As for the problem with hubbies not doing their work around the house, now you know why I've not married. *lol*

  3. I have run out of gas sooo many times it's not funny. It's happened to me twice when I was in the middle of no where, and more than once I've had to hitchhike. Talk about scary in this day and age. *_*

  4. That sucks! I'm sorry I have to admit I giggled a little bit, but if it had been me, I would have smacked my hubby!

  5. I love those cows! We did those with pigs in Seattle a few years back.

    Men and gas. Sucks both ways. LOL.

  6. There is a town south west of here that has the pig thing going on. Hubby and drove through there on our last trip to New Orleans and did a "pig search." I'm not sure how many there are supposed to be, but we found surgeon pig, flag waving pig, basketball pig, and plain as the day he was born pig. Our oldest thought it was pretty cool.


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