Monday, July 24, 2006

Blogging Freshness!

I decided it was high time I switched to a 3 column blog. I have so many links it was a pain to scroll the page. I needed a way to break it up, so with some help from a few kind ladies at Romance Divas I picked out a snazzy new template. :-)

I still have some tweaking to do and some links to add, but I'm liking this much better. Ah, roominess! *happy*


  1. Cora,
    I love the new look. The three columns definitely gives a cleaner feel and lots more room for linkage :)

    Have a happy slackass of a day :)


  2. Oh wow...I absolutely love waterfalls! They are always so breathtaking! Love the pic :)

  3. Lookin' good Cora! :) I like the 3 columns.

  4. Looks good! *g* I just noticed it this morning. I was used to all the black, that suddenly I thought like I was in the wrong blog when I saw the colors. *lol* And I love what you're doing with the blog - posting pics related to the title of the post. *wg* Very nice!

  5. Thanks ladies, I'm digging the 3 columns. Lots more space. Ann, I could clog my computer with waterfall pictures. They are gorgeous.

    Tempest, I've been using a lot of song-lyric blog titles lately. The Standing on the Shoulders of Giants is one. That's from King of Birds by REM. :*> I've been in an 80s music kinda mood lately.


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