Tuesday, June 20, 2006

They Put Me In Charge?!

I need to update my Zokatu meter for Wicked Temptation. I'm now up to 2k words. *dance, dance* I celebrate this milestone because it is awfully darn hard to write a smoking sex scene with this going on:
"Mom! Where are the toe nail clippers?"
"Mom! Rune is at the doorway again!"
"Mom... I still can't find the clippers."

*insert mad-momma godzilla bitch noise here*

I'm telling you, putting the kids on eBay is starting to sound quite tempting. >:[


  1. I can totally relate. My kids can be quiet as church mice for hours, but let me get deep into an important scene and BOOM, all heck breaks loose. It never fails. I've found if I want them to be scarce, I get out all the cleaning products - they disappear instantly for fear they'll be conscripted to help clean up.

  2. LOL! I told my oldest today if he didn't find something to do (he whines on me all day when bored)I told him I'd find some yard work for him to do. It got him out of the den, if nothing else. It must be something in the air, my kids have been acting bonkers since last week.


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