Sunday, June 04, 2006


Today hubby and I had the morning to ourselves...which was great...completely, utterly glorious. It's the first time we've been alone since before the baby was born. What did we do? I jumped on a chance to write without distraction, and hubby took his scooter out for a spin. Can you believe it? I was in the house ALL BY MYSELF!! That lasted about an hour, until my mom brought the kids back from church.

Then we piled up the kids in the Jeep and went to visit hubby's sister. We stayed there about two hours visiting, and while I felt guilty because I am so close to having my mss ready for submission and instead or working, I took the day off--I also had a great time relaxing. ((And trying not to think about editing and writing related stuff.))

We also ran into an old friend on our way home from eating Chinese. That was an hour or so of visiting, while hubby helped him clip the grass around his storage building.

I am exhausted tonight, but I feel very refreshed at the same time. Tomorrow I'm wrapping things up with Bonding Experience, because I MUST. Crossing Borders is coming out soon, so I need to dig through my disks and get my 1st chapter out, which I plan to post here and on my website.

So much to do...

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  1. You know, sometimes you just need a break. Sounds like you had fun! Don't forget it's your day to blog (hee hee) if you don't have time, no worries :)


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