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Crossing Borders--excerpt

My June 23rd release date is fast approaching, so here it is, my excerpt for Crossing Borders.

Please note: this excerpt contains adult content. So if you are offended by sexual material or are otherwise under 18 years of, please leave now. You've been warned.

Here goes nothing!

He’d thought that with her brother out of the way, Laney would be easy to call out. But night after night he’d called without luck, and he’d actually begun to fear that his informant had been wrong, that perhaps Seth had made good his threat and mated her off to someone else.

Cole bristled with aggression at the thought of his little bitch spreading her legs for another male. Bloodlust surged through him, hot and fast. For simplicity’s sake, he’d hoped he wouldn’t have to challenge another male for her, but if that was the case--bring it on. He hadn’t left Ravine for nothing. He ran his own pack now, and he’d come back to claim what was his and make that pack complete.

Laney didn’t realize it yet, but she’d decided her fate when she came out at his call. He couldn’t risk waiting any longer. Autumn was only a few weeks away, and Cole knew if he didn’t take her soon her brother would mate her off at the first opportunity, if for no other reason than to keep her out of his reach. That was something Cole wouldn’t allow. Laney was his. She had always been his.

When at last Laney stepped through the trees, he nearly choked on his own breath. She was more beautiful than he remembered. Small and slender, her skin pale as moonlight… She still wore her copper-colored hair long and straight, like a veil. It swirled around her hips when she walked. Cole growled low in his throat at the thought of her straddling him with those firm, slender thighs, that glorious red hair swinging with her every movement, grazing his hot skin.

His eyes marked her, his skin tingling in anticipation of her touch. He wore jeans but nothing else. Nothing underneath. He’d come out with every intention of mating now, tonight. The fewer clothes to get in his way, the better. Apparently his little bitch had other ideas. Laney was completely dressed: tank top, jeans, and boots. His lips quirked as he began considering all the different ways he could go about fixing that little problem.

Laney trekked through the underbrush, her movements start-stop and wary. Cole waited anxiously for her to come closer. When she was finally within a few feet of the boundary marker, he stepped forward from the scruff to allow her gaze to fall on him.

Laney flinched at his sudden appearance. She took a full step back before freezing in place. Then her gaze met his. Cole knew the moment she recognized him.

“Cole Holbrook?” Her voice quaked with disbelief. For a long moment, she just stood there staring at him with her hands clasped in front her mouth.

He grinned at her look of shock.

“Oh my God. I can’t believe it.” She lowered her eyes and focused on her footing as she tromped the rest of the way through the thick brush. At one point she came so close to crossing the boundary marker, Cole’s heart skipped a beat.

“What the hell are you doing out here?”

“Laney, honey. I knew if anyone answered my call, it would be you.”

“I’m not here to answer your call,” she said with a dignified sniff. “I’ve been hearing you for a few nights now and came to warn you away. You know you can’t keep coming out here. This is Seth’s territory now.”

“I’m not on Seth’s territory, honey,” he said smoothly, and it was the truth. He hadn’t crossed the boundary. He was close enough to it to piss Seth off royally if he ever found out about it, but technically he was still on neutral ground.

Laney looked doubtful, and Cole ran a hand through his jet hair, smoothing it back from his face. He had to be suave. Play it cool. More than anything, he needed to gain her trust.

She shifted slightly and for a moment the toe of her boot touched the border. Cole tensed all over, a starburst of anticipation sparking in his stomach. So close! It took every ounce of control he had to keep from pouncing on her.

Damn, but she smelled so good…tangy and bittersweet. She acted irritated with him, but she was also aroused. He could tell by her musky scent that she was wet for him. His groin spasmed at the knowledge. He thought of tasting her, of taking her to the ground and shoving his tongue between her damp folds. The imagined the look of ecstasy on her face as she came for him made him want to howl.

It was a small torture having her so close. It was almost impossible to keep his eyes from straying to the ground marker.

Come on, honey, just one step closer…

He continued to smile at her while she lectured him on pack law, but he couldn’t hear a word she said over the roar of blood in his ears. Whether she was aware of it or not, she was only an inch away from changing her life forever. The minute she crossed the borderline separating them, there’d be no going back. Nothing would stop him from taking her to the ground and fucking her until she couldn’t see straight.

He licked his lips wolfishly, tempted by the erotic image he’d conjured. The vision of Laney writhing beneath him, grinding him, sighing and moaning while he thrust into her, burying himself deep…

“Cole!” He jumped at the sound of his name. “Are you even listening to me?” Laney stood frowning at him, her hand poised on her hip in a gesture of impatience. “I’m not kidding. If you stay here, you’re going to cause a blood feud between our packs!”

“Maybe not. I didn’t exactly come out here to fight.”

“Okay, then. Why are you here?”

Now that was a conversation starter more to his liking. Cole’s mouth curved up at the corners. He put on his most charming, coaxing voice and eased forward a step. “Let’s take a little walk. I’ll tell you about my plans.”

Her lips quirked. “I’d prefer to just hear the plans, thanks.”

“What’s that, honey? Why don’t you move a little closer so I can hear you better?”

Laney stared at him, and then suddenly giggled--a small sound that bubbled out from no where. It was as if she couldn’t help herself.

The musical tone of her laughter made Cole’s heart leap. God, but he had been away too long! She folded her arms across her chest and cast a stray glance toward the gouged rock, a tell-tale sign she knew exactly where the border marker was and didn’t dare cross it. He’d have to do something about that.

“If you’re worried about going out too far,” he teased gently, nodding toward the marker stone, “We could just walk around in circles until we get tired.”

She shook her head. “Now you’re just being weird.”


“And get myself in trouble? No way! You come closer, wolf man.”

“Is that an invitation?”

Her smile slowly faded and she grew quiet, as if she were waiting for what he would do next. Cole knew an opportunity when he saw it, and he wasn’t about to let this one slip through his fingers. He pushed his way through the brush to close the distance between them.

excerpt from chapter 2 of Crossing Borders
copyright 2006 by Cora Zane
all rights reserved
Available for download June 23rd, 2006 from Cobblestone Press!


  1. Cora, I'm getting excited on this release! Its one I've been looking forward to. And even more so now after the excerpt! Your descriptions are great. Its just like seeing it all before me, like a movie. Going to be great reading more of Cole and Laney! I must check out your site to see if there will be more, like a series, of this! I really enjoy paranormals!

  2. Well, is it hot in here or what? *lol* This definitively got me intrigued. Can't wait to get it. *g*

  3. Hot! I can't wait to read it Cora!

  4. Aw, thank you, ladies!

  5. I'm so excited for you, Cora! Next week! That was a great excerpt!


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