Friday, May 05, 2006

Fresh Stuff and News

Well, as you can see, I gave up on templates. I was working on one, but I've got so many things to do already, I have to prioritize. I took Faith and Silma's advice, and just put up a simple banner. Erm, well, a suggestive banner, as Silma calls it. *wink, wink*

Okay, now for credit, I got the art through Isnaini. The template--complete with art--is available for download there. The picture is by Steven. Sorry, I have no links for this guy. If you have one, I'll be happy to add it. Thanks for directing me to that blog, Lori!

On another note, went live last night. Yay! I plan to make some changes to it eventually, but the main thing is, it's working. Thank you, Batty! I grovel at your feet. :D


  1. Cora - Love it! *winks back* It's simple and suggestive and elegant. It's looks different even though you kept the same template. After all, it's not the template, but the images that make the blog look different. And your new banner is perfect for your image. *g*

  2. Ooops! Forgot to tell you that I checked out your website. Very nice! However, have you considered tying the blog theme to it? You know, have that gorgeous banner in your blog used as the banner of your website too? It'd make it all more cohesive. Just a thought, hon.

  3. Glad you like it, Silma! Yes, I'll be changing the website to match it later. The main thing was just getting the site up and running. It had been hanging in limbo for a while. ;)

  4. Oooh, love the banner and your website looks great!

  5. Nice, sexy... I like it. :) I had a template for awhile but went with the basic because for me that matches my website.

  6. I love the banner. It sets the right mood!

    I went to your site and I like what was done. Very lovely. Just one thing ...

    When I click the link to the blog, it doesn't bring me back here. :-(

    **hugs** Looks good, all the same.


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