Saturday, May 20, 2006

Do Pass Back To Bayou Teche

This weekend has been a bit of an editing bust, however I have an idea how I'll probably rewrite chapter two of Bonding Experience.

Nine times out of ten, when I'm having trouble with a chapter it's because I'm having POV problems, and subconsciously I recognize it--sometimes it just takes me a while to figure out where the issue lies.

This go around, correcting the mistake is a huge challenge.

I originally wrote the chapter from the heroine's POV, but something felt very stunted and forced when I reread it. I rewrote the scene and reread it about five times, and each time it just felt... wrong. It didn't seem to be the same quality as the other chapters.

The story itself is a twist on the old "reluctant suitor" type romance, and you can see when reading that deep down the heroine loves the hero. Her thoughts and anxious habits when she's around him give it away. However, when going back and reading, I kept wondering why the heck would the hero stick around for so long trying to win his lady love if she made it such a habit of giving him the shut out. He'd have to've seen through her smoke screen at some point, even if that point is prior to the start of the book. But how could I make this understood without adding a ton of backstory--which I hate! There's only one way to fix this so I could keep the chapter. I had to go back and write it from the hero's POV.

The downside to this: I'd written some really good introspection on the heroine's part--stuff that becomes necessary for you to know later on in the book. anyway, I fixed it by going back and turning all her introspection into choppy dialogue with the hero, and had the hero interpret her physical expression as a way for him to understand her motives.

I will say right now, my friend: This is all easier said than done. I'm not sure this is going to work yet. I'm still playing with options, but this is what I have so far.


  1. Yeah POV can be a b*tch!

    Okay, I just found you on My Space (i'm waiting for you to say you'll be my friend!) And you're a blonde. But here you're a redhead. So which is it missy?

  2. Oh boy, my roots are showing, LOL! Miss Clairol owns me, hon. They send me an e-card for my birthday every year. *blush* The pic on myspace with the blonde stripes is more recent, but my hair isn't like either picture now. It's a streaky, dark blonde. Kinda boring. :)

    I think I may have finally fixed the POV thing. I don't know why I struggle with that so much. Grr!


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