Friday, April 21, 2006

Hotel Louisiana

Hubby, the kids, and I are in S. Louisiana right now. We decided last minute to pack up and take a trip back to hubby's home town. I'm in a Holiday Inn Express right now--about to catch up on some work while the guys are out exploring. Luckily they have wireless here. I'm loving the new notebook, btw.

Anyway, this makes the second long trip in three weeks pour moi. And actually we would have gone farther than our own back yard (three hour drive, but our La back yard anyway) but we changed our mind last minute. Ah well, Oklahoma can wait. That will be a good destination for next month. Maybe then we can rent a cabin in advance and make more of a trip out of it.

Well, off to do some writing while I've got the hotel room to myself. Whee! All I need now is another latte, and some sexy Cajun hottie to talk to while sunning out by the pool. *bliss*

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