Sunday, April 16, 2006

Back From Texas and Fake Fish

I took my youngest to Texas yesterday. My mom and I made the round trip. It was a three hour drive one way, but we wanted to bring the baby to my grandmothers so she could see him for the first time. Rune had a blast--at least while he was out of the truck. He danced and played and crawled under chairs. I let him have at it, and he only started to wear down about twenty minutes before we left to come back home.

Back home, my oldest was invited to a party, and we got back right as DH returned from dropping him off. Come to find out, he was the only boy out of his class invited to this party. Nothing but a bunch of girls and the birthday girl's cousin (a boy). Hubby and I thought this was quite funny. Boo had a great time, but still denies that at least on of the girls must have a crush on him. :)

And now, an announcement...
The fish on the my laptop's screensaver have now been officially named. Boo has named them: Fred, George, Jenny, Ron, and Harry. Can you figure out where those names come from? lol

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