Saturday, March 04, 2006

Yikes! Rewrites!

Yesterday I sat down with my AQ ms and the letter detailing what needs to be corrected. I made lists and used highlighters to mark areas I knew needed to be fixed and were easily fixable... and then I hit the internet.

First, it was off to find a simple way to correct passive sentences. Okay, there were plenty of colleges writing-help pages for that. I printed up the best ones, reviewed the lessons, then took the mini quizzes online. Great! Now to find ways to pare down on commas.

Boy! That turned out to be a royal pain in the you-know-where. There are dozens of sites about commas but not all of them agree on the rules. *_* I did find a college site that was clearer than the others, but it only tells you how to use commas... not how to rearrange sentences so you don't need so many. I don't want to drop ALL my subordinate clauses just to shorten a few sentences!


  1. I feel your comma pain. I love complex sentences, tied together with lots and lots of commas and semi-colons.
    Good luck with the re-writes, and congrats on your 'second chance'!

  2. Thanks for the luck and congrats, Debbie!

    Oh gosh, that's me. I love complex sentences. I love my subordinate clauses. *g* It's killing me to have to let some of them go. LOL! I never thought dropping them would be so hard.


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