Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sage Advice

I just dropped by Angela Knight's blog and read her post about How Not to Take 20 Years Becoming an Overnight Success.

I have to say, I am soooo guilty of not finishing wips! *blush* I've gotten better over the past year while I've been working toward getting published. I've finished two stories, both have generated a little attention, but neither are in print yet.
Anyway, I wanted to link to that particular post just in case someone else is a professional procrastinator--like myself. It's worth reading! There's also tid bits about getting an agent, and editors. Interesting writer stuff. Don't pass it up!

On another note... Even though hubby is working 7/12 on the nightshift, and it's killing me to keep the baby arranged during the daylight hours... and keep the household running semi-normally for the teenage son, I am still getting in time for my AQ rewrite! It's only about 15 minutes morning, and 15 in the evening, but it's happening. I've corrected 2/7 chapters. Woot!

I will say this about the rewrites though... who knew commas were such a pain to correct. And put politely, passive sentences suck. I promise to try and remember this the next time I sit to actually write something instead of edit.


  1. *lol* I'm guilty of the same thing - not finishing my WIPs. After I joined Romance Divas, I've become better, and I've been able to finish two. Not bad, uh?

  2. Yeh, with the support of RD they've managed to help us improve

    I edit when Writers Block is in full swing. But mine has been going on too long that now I'm beating it away with a stick! lol

  3. Congrats on getting the 'maybe' email from AQ! I was bummed when I didn't win or get the second email. I took my book though, knowing what needed to be revamped and did it. That's the one I just sold.

    Yeah finishing the books are so key. Good luck! I know it can get chaotic, but any free moments make a difference. Thanks for dropping by my blog and being so sweet! I love Sable's covers too.

  4. Not bad at all, Silma! That's me...two in the bag. Now to get them published. RD was really helped me a lot since I've joined. Thanks Jodie...*grins*

    Shelli, that's so awesome! You sold so fast! I've made up my mind if AQ doesn't go for my rewrites I'm subbing to Cobblestone.


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