Sunday, March 26, 2006

Feeling Better, an Edit, and a Blurb

It seems like I'm finally getting over my case of ick, so what better way to celebrate than to finish my first round of edits! :D I completed them last night and sent them off to my editor, Melanie. I'm really happy with the way it went on the first round. Here's hoping rounds 2 and 3 go just as smoothly.

I also wanted to mention the official blurb for Crossing Borders is up over at Cobblestone Press! How exciting!


  1. Don't you love Melanie? I hope I get her next time lol! I have to go check out the blurb. ;)

  2. She has truly been great to work with, Lori. I admit the idea of meeting my editor initially had me sweating in fear. :D


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