Thursday, March 23, 2006

Crossing Borders Cover!

I got my cover for Crossing Borders this morning! I'm so excited... it's my first! Cobblestone Press has been wonderful to work with. The staff is just amazing.

I haven't yet heard back about what the blurb will be on the back of the book, so as a teaser here is the blurb I used in my submission letter:

Crossing Borders
Laney Parker is drawn out by someone howling in the night. Thinking the new neighboring pack is unaware of where the border is, she goes out to stop this rogue male before her brother returns home and problems arise. However, when she enters the woods and finds the source of the call is none other than her old flame, Cole Holbrook, she realizes things are far more complicated than she had originally anticipated. Despite the bitter rivalry between himself and Laney's pack leader brother, Cole has come back to claim her as his mate, and he's determined nothing will stand in his way. Not even her brother, Seth.


  1. Yayy! Gorgeous cover! Congrats Cora! *g*


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