Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Amber Quill Results

Okay, okay... I admit, I was up at midnight checking the results.

~ UPDATE—MARCH 1ST, 2006 ~
The Results Are In!!!
With more than 200 manuscript entries received this year—almost double the number of entries we received for last year's contest—we had an extremely difficult time narrowing down the list of winning manuscripts. But after numerous weeks of evaluating the stories through three intensive judging phases, we have finally selected 11 manuscripts we felt best represented the erotic romance our readers have come to expect from Amber Quill Press.

So, without further ado, here are the manuscripts—listed alphabetically—we have chosen to receive our standard two-year electronic publishing contract, and the authors we will be inviting this year to join the Amber Quill Press roster of authors...

The Claiming - Sherrill Quinn
Cup Of Fate - Cassandra Curtis
Darkson’s Forfeit - Marie Harte
Diary Of A Dirty Cowboy - Jade Rivers
Family Jewels - Kelly Maher
Her Black Little Heart - Selah March
Poker Brat - Barrie Abalard
Santa’s Helper - Cassidy Kent
The Streets Of Florence - Pepper Espinoza
Tales of the Pride: Awakening - Larissa Lyons
Unloved - Nina Merrill
Within the next 24 hours, we will contact the authors of the winning stories and offer them our standard two-year e-publishing contract for the manuscripts listed above. (Please remember, authors are under no obligation to accept the contract.) If the author agrees to the contract terms, the manuscript will be entered into our production queue, where it will be professionally edited (content-editing and copyediting), have cover art created, etc., like all the other manuscripts AQP produces. The winning manuscripts will be published in June, 2006, to coincide with our Amber Heat Wave.

Thanks to everyone who entered our contest this year,
and congratulations to the authors listed above!

There are three divas I know of on the list!!! :D Way to go ladies!!!

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  1. Great job! Now get those revisions done, and you're on your way!


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