Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Quick Post

Hubby has taken the kids to their Auntie's today, so I can work on my final draft. I printed up Chapters 8 and 9 and looked them both over. What a nightmare! There is a scene missing, for one thing, and it's looking like 8 will have to be entirely rewritten. Arg! *chews Tums*

Monday hubby starts a new job and so I doubt I'll be able to get much accomplished in the following month. *_* So for today, I've set about making a list of all the elements both chapters need to be repaired and fitted together. I could be reading too much into it at this point, but it looks like a major undertaking. Geez. And here I was, wanting to be through with Chapter 10 by the end of the weekend...


  1. Awww, chin up, Cora! Just think of how much better your ms will be when you're done!

    (At least, that's what I keep telling myself about my own mess.)

  2. Hehe, thanks for the vote of confidence, Lynn!

    I set the ms down for a while and took a step back. When I came back and looked over the chapters as a whole and re-evaluated my goals, I guess it's really not so bad. I'm half way there, so I know can do this... *sigh* It's just going to take a little time to get it right.


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