Friday, January 20, 2006

Kids and Chapters

I proofed chapter 4/19 last night, so I'm one step closer. I need to make the changes on my comp though. I will do that this evening when hubby gets home from work. Then, I'm going to get started on reading my crit partner's chapters... I can't wait!

Ooh, my dad and I traded digi cams, so now I am photo savvy again. *g* There was nothing wrong with my brand spanking new 4 megapixel camera, that I'm still paying for!! But Win XP has this issue with USB ports--they are known to freeze up and stop working at the drop of a hat. Darn plug and play crapola. Microsoft needs to leave that bit of tech to Mac, at least until the learn to adapt it right. Sheesh! Anyway, I have this exact USB problem right now, but with so much writing stuff on my comp at the moment, I don't want to risk doing a by-pass in the event that I have to reinstall my OS. Sooooo.... dad and I made the trade. His cam doesn't have so great rez, it's held together with tape, and the back image viewer no longer lights up, but hey, it works on my comp! New cam for me, folks! For the past two days, I've taken tons of pictures...mostly ones of Rune--because he's only a baby and can't run away from his camera frenzied mommy. :P

Here he is after eating a bit of jarred ham and apples. So messy, but cute!

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