Sunday, January 15, 2006

Amber Quill Entry

I did it! I made it in by the skin of my teeth. I finished my Amber Quill entry earlier today and emailed it. I tell ya, it feels like I just did NaNo! Whew!

That competition was just under two weeks of straight up, hardcore speed writing. No other way around it. I don't know how some of those ladies managed to do two or three entries. Insane! One was almost too much for me.

I wasn't quite so happy with my final chapter, but overall I'm very pleased with the story itself, which is the first installment of my Werewolves of Silver Series.

It would be nice if I did make it in the anthology, but if it doesn't get accepted for the Heat Wave, I'm sure someone will pick the story up elsewhere. Maybe this week I'll see if it would be cool if I put up my first chapter so I can get some feedback for it.

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