Tuesday, January 24, 2006

5 of 19 and MySpace

I'm moving on to proofing chapter five tonight. I've stared at 4 long enough. Call it a day already. :P On Friday Jay will have the day off, and I plan to proof no less than 3 chapters.

I've also started up a profile on MySpace.com. It was Annalee Blysse's idea. She didn't know many other divas over there, so several of us joined up to link with her. We now have a kind of network happening, which is cool.

On another note... You know, I wonder if I'm the only one who is going insane wondering how the Amber Quill contest is coming along? I wish they sent out rejection mails as they went through the judging, so you'd at least know if you were still in the running.

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