Friday, September 16, 2005

Current Goals

I usually post my writing goals at Romance Divas; however, they are about to wipe the goals forum, so I'm coming here. (I needed to update anyway.) Achem, so here they are, my new spiffy writing goals for the remainder of September:

First of all, I must mention that I am now up to approx. 34k words. Woot! Only 6k more to go to have my minimum wc of 40k. (I imagine my finished product will be just over that.)

1.) Outline what I need to complete the project: chapters, scenes, etc. I believe, at this point, I need only complete two scenes toward the front of my novel. And two mid scenes to bridge all gaps in the tale. Then there are the finishing scenes, which I have not reached yet, but am working on now.

2.) By this Sunday, I hope to have a minimum of 35k words completed.

3.) I hope to be ready for the second draft/first edit, by October 1st.

4.) To still be sane when this process is complete.

Well, that's it. Oh, self reminder... Romance Diva's Fast Draft workshop begins Sept. 18th. I need this one! :-)