Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Final Draft Strategy

I managed to get everything together into Draft 2. The story is complete as it was originally written. I have decided to add in two other chapters when I do the final draft. Holy Shit, I made it to the final draft!! *faints*

The first chapter is perfect, I'm not touching it. Chapters 2-4 I want to take out some of the tags to speed it up. I'm going to sit down and read a Richard Lyman book before getting after it. He writes really snappy dialogue and handles 3+ characters in a scene brilliantly. I need a bit of help in that department, and I learn best by example. So there's that.

Beyond that, I want to rewrite Chapter 5 from the hero's point of view. That will require rewriting the entire chapter. From there to chapter 11, everything is fine. I do want to add a chapter in there somewhere, one to tie two events together. It's nothing major, or so it seems.

Overall, I've got a few more corrections to make and it will be ready to go. I am so stoked! And I did it with a baby in tow. I guess it's as they say: If there's a will...

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