Saturday, December 31, 2005

Amber Quill

Just noting that I'm going to send an entry to their 3rd Annual Heat Wave contest for erotic romantica short stories. I'm making time for this between editing and fussing. :P

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New Years Writing Resolution

I want next year to be a sucessful one. My writing goals are to get Right of Discovery out the door as soon as possible.

Beyond my orignal goal, I'd like to complete at least one other book for submission in 2006. There's one out of my idea-vault that's really been eating at me. I can't wait to get started on it. After that, I have a catalog of books I'd like to write. Yes, really. A catalog of story ideas. Some are partial manuscripts I started but never finished. At least 11. I'd like to get a few of them in print, because I love the storylines and the characters. Others, admittedly, are schlock.

Here's to a busy 2006!

Final Draft Strategy

I managed to get everything together into Draft 2. The story is complete as it was originally written. I have decided to add in two other chapters when I do the final draft. Holy Shit, I made it to the final draft!! *faints*

The first chapter is perfect, I'm not touching it. Chapters 2-4 I want to take out some of the tags to speed it up. I'm going to sit down and read a Richard Lyman book before getting after it. He writes really snappy dialogue and handles 3+ characters in a scene brilliantly. I need a bit of help in that department, and I learn best by example. So there's that.

Beyond that, I want to rewrite Chapter 5 from the hero's point of view. That will require rewriting the entire chapter. From there to chapter 11, everything is fine. I do want to add a chapter in there somewhere, one to tie two events together. It's nothing major, or so it seems.

Overall, I've got a few more corrections to make and it will be ready to go. I am so stoked! And I did it with a baby in tow. I guess it's as they say: If there's a will...

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Tell Me No Lies

I am so tired, and ready to get on with another project. I can't wait to get this thing edited to a point where I can ship it off. I'll never look back, I swear. That's all I want for finish this book!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Two More, Baby!

I worked up two more chapters today. There are only 6 left to go. I need to do a major rewrite on a few sections, but at least progress is being made. Hopefully I can get something done over Xmas.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Another Chapter Finished

I was having trouble with a chapter, so I sent it to my critique partner for a look. She made some suggestions, and I thought some of thing could really quicken the pace. I changed the beginning paragraph a bit, and then did a check for spelling errors. I'm leaving it at that, and moving on. A Romance Divasforum friend of mine suggested I leave some for the editor to catch and keep going, so that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Today went through the remaining chapters. I still have 8 more to type up. The end is finally in sight. (Now, if only I can keep that positive outlook until the deed is done.) ;-)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

All Work And No Play...

I finished another chapter today. Woot! I really need to update my counter bar. :P Lazy, that I am... I am going to whip this thing in shape over the Xmas holidays, or die trying. So far, so good. Now if everyone can get un-sick around here so I can get to work. ;-)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Facing Burnout

I had to take a break from editing today. I worked some yesterday, but I just feel so wore out. Both physically and mentally. Today I focused on cleaning the house and taking care of the baby. Too, I was thinking a bit more about a horror novel I was working on not too long ago. I had some fresh ideas about it.

Tomorrow it's back to the grind. I'm going to be back to editing. I want to go ahead and finish off the second half of the book, so I can fall back and fill in what I've missed.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Making Progress

Today was a good day. I edited 4 full chapters! I will have to update my meter first chance I get. I'm definitely over the half way point now. Fantastic news since I'm determined to get this book finished this month no exceptions! I'm doing everything I can to make it fast paced throughout, with no real bog-down zones. I hate that in a novel.

I've also found a crit partner for my futuristic/fantasy stuff. She is from S. California and seems very nice. I'm certainly happy to have someone to bounce mss off of. I don't think my hubby could stand to read about any more ripped, god-man alpha males and not walk away with a serious complex. ^_^

Friday, December 02, 2005

Working on Through

I edited another chapter today, and for the rest of the afternoon, I read through the remainder of my manuscript. I will need to write 2 complete scenes as tie-ins, but overall, it's really not that bad. I'm just hoping it doesn't seem too... sparce when it's finished. At least it's readable. That was my main worry.

Off to write!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Chapter 7 Review

I reread through Chapter 7 today, and made a few minor adjustments so I can fix a glaring error in Chapter 9. Now that I'm editing, the story has taken a few minor turns. It's not so much the book has changed, but there are definitely parts in there that have been scrapped--necessarily. Everything was reading okay, but I needed to get the hero and heroine together PRONTO! So far so good. I don't think I've sacrificed anything vital.

I've been saying for days I'm going to finish chapter 10. I haven't managed it yet. *expletive purposely deleted* I am completely rewriting chapter 9. I would have finished it last night, but by the time I got the baby to bed, I was too tired to keep my eyes open. I managed only 30 minutes of conscious time then had to give it up.

Dear hubby won't be home til late tonight, so I'll likely have to wait until 2 am to get on the comp and get things rolling. In the meantime, I'm going to try to make all the necessary corrections on paper draft so I'll just be able to sit down and make the changes on my draft.