Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Gobbledy Gook

AOL journals are down. I was going in to post my horoscopes, and it seems they conveniently forgot to place the buttons on the page so you can add new entries. All this so they could place huge banner ads on top. Sheesh!

I didn't get any sleep last night. I rocked Rune until 1 am; he just wouldn't sleep. I think he was feeling just as congested as I was. I tried dozing in the recliner with him, but my nose would stop up on one side, and run on the other. I keep thinking... please, when will the hurting stop. My husband was fast asleep, no troubles at all. When I finally crawled back in bed with Rune around 2 am, I wanted to kick him so he'd wake up and be miserable too. :P But I didn't. Rune woke up again around 4 am, so I just got out of bed with him and made coffee. No since suffering through trying to get him to sleep.

He's fairly cheery this morning, which is good. I still feel like I've got cottonballs shoved up my nose!

Now for writing... I don't know how I did it, but yesterday I forced myself to get over the hump in my story. Great googly moogly, what a job! Royal pain, but worth it when I went back to re-read. The flow is much better. That means the hard part is over. I'm not changing it again. Time permitting, I'll finally get this chapter finished today. No looking back!

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  1. God, writing on no sleep!! Hugs on the cold and exhaustion!!!


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