Wednesday, November 09, 2005


This is it! I'm down to the wire now. I've accepted the November challenged, and I'm planning to kick this mss in it's ass!
So thusly, my goals this week are this: have chapters 1-5 completely edited.

Crawling baby in the house or not, I vow I will do this, or die trying!


  1. WOW!! Babies do get in the way don't they??

  2. They're a joy, but man-oh-man do they make writing difficult! I've been joking around that I'm going to have to give the little bundle partial credit for the novel, because he was on my knee half the time while I was writing it! :D

  3. Did you get your winning entry novel in?

    I was the 3rd place winner. It will be coming out in March 2006.

    Babies--so much sweetness from the little time suckers!


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