Friday, November 18, 2005

Do A Little Dance...

I am finally off the chapter of doom! Hurray! Tonight I shall celebrate by taking a quick break before jumping right into editing the next chapter. :P As it stands, the house is uber quiet--which is fantastic! Rune played until he couldn't take it anymore, and finally fell asleep. Jay has employee appreciation to go through tonight--poor guy. He won't be home from that until 1 am. Fortunately he'll be off work tomorrow, otherwise he'd be walking around in a daze.

As for me, tomorrow I'm gonna stick with it. I want to get at least another chapter edited by tomorrow night, if it's at all possible. Wish me luck!

Another up note: I was finally able to update my AOL journal. Woot! I'll be glad when I'm over my "camera blight" and can get some new pics up over there.

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