Sunday, November 13, 2005

Big, long, swishy, flippy hair

I was thinking today... Is it just me, or do all female/heroine characters in romance novels seem to have long, flowing locks? When I sat down and thought about it, I couldn't think of one single romance novel that had a heroine in it with short hair. Yet in the same breath, I could list no less than 3 books that had redheads, 5 books with blonde characters, 2 with brunettes, and 7 with black hair. All ladies, regardless of hair color, were described as having waist length hair. Several mainstream authors, and an ungodly amount of e-book writers fall into the "long hair heroine" category, and write about long haired ladies almost exclusively. What's up with this? Is this the female psyche at work: long hair equals hot, sexy gal?

I have seen all of 4 women in my area (myself included) that has waist length hair. To imagine it is one thing, to see it in real life... eh, the hair is pretty, but it's admittedly old fashioned. Not precisely sexy. Of course, there are those with mid-long lengths that look fantabulous--just about every supermodel and porn star on the planet. But writer's seldom write about these ladies 'do's.

Where are the stories about the girls with truly short hair styles? The ones where you can see the backs of their necks?

Am I the only one that thinks short hair can be sexy? Think Halle Berry, or Faruza Balk. Short, semi-spikey dark hair. Tres chic! What's not to love? Or are these women considered the exception? From a writer's perspective, I'm really curious about this!


  1. LOL--my heroines have long hair! Not waist length, but below the shoulders!! Need to rise to the short haired challenge!!

  2. Mine too! I noticed it when I was editing yesterday--my heroine has long hair. *_*

    I was thinking I'd try short hair for my next novel. It might be interesting just to see how well it would be received.


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