Sunday, July 24, 2005

Word Counting

I am so stoked since winning the Triskelion competition, it's really been great motivation to get me crackin' on that manuscript. :) I have been working every chance I get, writing in a spiral bound when Rune won't let me sit at the comp. At the moment, my word count is hovering around 20k, which is fantastic!

I was worried at first that I might not be able to pull an acceptable word count, so I went to the home site and checked out their count requirements for the Amethyst Inferno line. They require 40-65k words, so at the moment, being halfway through the mss, I am right on track. I should hit at least 45k before I reach the editing stage. I am thrilled about that!

Tomorrow I am hoping to finish bridging two scenes together. I have been working the mss in stages, scene per scene, and listing them in separate chapter documents. I should have been doing this from the beginning. It helps me keep my work organized, and I can easily see which chapters I have completed, and which ones I need to add too. Tomorrow, I need to add the "pitch a fit scene" with the "visiting sister-in-law scene".

Well, it's getting late, Rune is (finally!) sleeping, so I guess I should go noddy blinkums while I have the chance. :-)


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