Sunday, June 19, 2005

Shh! The Baby is Sleeping!

I really should be working on my werewolf novella right now since the baby is sleeping, but oh no... Here I am, starting up a secondary blog. This one I intend to use for keeping track of my writing stuff, although I know I'll probably junk it up with all those boring little tid bits from my daily life. I can't seem to help myself!

At any rate... last night while the baby was crashed out, snoozing on the bed, I popped in Underworld and thought I'd just relax. Within five minutes I was restless and hunting for my notebook. I ended up writing two whole scenes and a new opening sequence, which I like better than before... mostly because it makes more sense! :P

Note to self: I really need to get around to reading that current article on about novella writing. It sounds like it would be extremely helpful to me, especially since that is what I'm writing now. Then again, everytime I go over there, what do I do? I run straight to the forums... Bad me.

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