Thursday, June 23, 2005

Another Day, Another Contest

I have been working like a madwoman, trying to complete my entry for the Triskelion contest. I am probably 50% finished. I have, er... 7 days left before the deadline. Can I make it? Will I have time to edit? *bites fingernails* Oh, how I wish I had found out about this contest earlier!

On another note, I found another contest to enter. I found the listing on Romance Divas, but the actual contest is sponsored through a different forum. The contest only requires 200-400 words, which is a plus. You create a frightening and sexy character profile and submit it. I have a unique idea for a character. Hopefully I will have time to write it out and enter before the July deadline.

By the way, my elevator scene doesn't seem like it will be a go. I haven't mentioned the scene to anyone, but I was writing about werewolves and someone sent me a link to an author that has a few romantica stories about werewolves, and I noticed in one of the listings, she mentioned the werewolf gets stuck in an elevator. Damn! Oh, well, maybe I'll write the scene anyway. It's not like it's exactly the same premise. Only the setting is the same. I'll have to think about it. :P

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