Thursday, December 30, 2004

Looking Back...2004

Well, I will say this year didn't exactly go as planned! How things can change in so short a time! Let's see some of the family highlights of 2004...

January 2004: Hubby is working on again/off again construction, and I'm fretting about turning 29. My goal for the 2004 New Year is to lose weight.

February: I start on the Atkins diet and drop 9 pounds in the first 2 weeks. Hubby is so floored, he starts on Atkins too. He is now unemployed, so our finances really take a beating. We are living off of my meager savings, while waiting for him to go back to work... but the economy is so horrid, there's no where else for him to go.

March: Big Z goes in for his school exams. He is homeschooled, but has to go to the local public school to take the exams. This means he is forced into a classroom with the same kids that bullied him years before...the very reason we took him out. Regardless, Big Z scores a perfect 99.9% composite average, which is a PERFECT score. :-)

April: Still on Atkins, have lost around 20 pounds. Hubby decides to make a career change. He begins working at DG for a measly $5.35 an hour. We're making roughly $120.00 a week.

May: To stay above water, Hubby and I consolidate all of our bills, including his truck and our house. Very nerve-wracking for me. But it works out for the best. Hubbys wages combined with my savings and prt time work, keeps us from going under. Hubby also begins a streak of promotions.

June: I'm relieved school is out.

June/July: Hubby is moving up, and things are starting to look more promising for us. Also, I've lost 30 pounds on Atkins! I'm only a few pounds from goal!

August: Uh...wait, my period doesn't come this month, and I'm having weird cramps when I go to sit up in bed, or if I turn too suddenly. Misery! :-( Go to Grandma's to have my hair streaked, and am up all night with terrible cramps. Big Z turns 13 this month. 13!!! My birthday is this month too, and I turn 25! Oh, right, okay... 29, then. *grumbles*

September: Paranoia sets in. Still no period. Maybe I'm eating too many carbs and need to cut back? Big Z's school season restarts! 7th grade.... *_* He also has a girlfriend now.

October: Surprise! We have a baby on the way! *faints* I never would have expected this. Not in a million years!

November: Hubby is a manager of his own store in a location he hates. Our finances are mostly back to normal--much to our relief.

December: Because the baby is coming, hubby does an even trade, and gets rid of his truck for a family car. *sigh* We are now "sedan" owners. Oh my. Who'd a thunk it? This is the first X-mas in 2 years, that hubby is employed this time of year. Usually the construction starts slowing down, and lay-offs begin. I am GLAD he is out of it!

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