Thursday, December 30, 2004

Couldn't Live Without

Here it is, my I couldn't have lived without this in 2004 list.

1.) Hubby. Otherwise I'd be completely insane by this point.

2.) The Brat. AKA: Big Z. He's a BIG, huge, major help at home. Especially now that I'm preggers. Couldn't do without him!

3.) My parents. For coming to get me that time when I had that flat in the middle of town--on a day when there weren't any stores open that sold tires!! And, that nice stranger who stopped without provocation to help my dad get the jack positioned right under my car.

4.) My buddies, and fellow members of The Never Realm guild. You ladies rock! Here's to another year of virtual venting and mischief in '05. Muahahaha!!

5.) Christine Feehan's Dark Series. A woman can never have too many tall, dark, and yummy Carpathian males to read about. *dreamy stare* More tall, dark haired men with accents please!

6.) A credit card.... which we had no choice but to use to buy groceries with for about 6 months so we didn't go hungry.

7.) eBay

8.) Low Carb ice-cream.

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