Friday, December 03, 2004

Computer Blues

Hubby crashed the computer again a few days ago. He woke me up at around 4 am to tell me before he had to leave for work. He was really freaked out about it. I was too tired to care, and told him not to worry about it. The computer is practically on it's last leg anyway. Anyway, I checked it out later that morning and discovered he had contracted some kind of virus, so I said to heck with it.

Instead of just repairing, I just reformatted the whole stinking hard drive. It wiped out EVERYTHING. Pictures, text docs, viruses, everything. Yay! It took me a while to get everything reinstalled and the comp back up, but now the annoying error messages are gone. The worst trouble I had was reinstalling the modem. I had to put it in and remove it 8 times. No kidding. I will never, never, never-ever buy another US Robotics product again. The included software was a hassel, and was a chore to use--it installed a control center first, which is difficult to navigate, and doesn't even install the stupid modem. You then have to go to RUN: and manually install the modem. What's the point in the control center then? A rotting piece of useless, space eating software. Gee, thanks US Robotics! Next time I'll pay 5 times as much and go for a REAL modem.

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