Tuesday, December 28, 2004

17th Week

I'm now in my 17th week of pregnancy. *_* It's going by so fast!! Next Saturday I'll be heading into my 5th month. I'm starting to show now, and will soon--very soon--be needing maternity jeans. My regular GAP jeans are starting to leave lines on mah belly...

Anyway, I went to Walmart and tried on several prs of maternity jeans today and found the 8/10s to be a comfy fit. I wanted to put a few pairs on layaway, but the freaking people working in layaway left me standing there for 10 minutes while they ran in and out, ignorning my presence. I finally went to a friend in the electronics dept to have them call someone to layaway, and she kindly told me layaway would be closed until after January. Well, there was no fucking sign in the layaway dept, and you would think that with all the workers going in and out of layaway, one of them would spare me the 10 seconds it would take to say "We're closed until January". But oh no, that would simply be too polite. It's much nicer for them to just leave me standing there ringing the damn bell for 10 minutes. Assholes. I doubt it will do a lick of good, but I wrote a long complaint letter to Walmart's main office. Forget Walmart. Next stop, Target...

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