Thursday, November 04, 2004

Catching Up

Time to do a bit of catching up on my blog. Lots of new stuff has happened, but it's been all at once, thus making it a bit hard to find computer time.

Let's see, where to start... Ok. Big Z got sick about a week/two weeks ago. He was just feeling a little rough at first, but then he started running fever. Hubby and I did the usual thing, poked tylenol in him, fed him plenty of water and orange juice, and tried to get him to eat a bit when he was awake. The fever would break after the tylenol, but then it would come back after a few hours. This went on for about a week. Last Friday, when hubby was leaving for work, he said that if Big Z wasn't doing any better by noon, to take him on to the doctor, and I agreed. Well, when Big Z wasn't awake by 10 am, I went to check on him...and no kidding, his face was grayish-blue. Scared the ever loving be-jeezers out of me. I woke him up, put him in the tub, and while running the bathwater, put in a call to his doctor. I managed to get him in at 1:00, and we drove to Ruston after picking up hubby's paycheck. Turns out Big Z had a combo of illnesses: upper respitory infection, bronchitis, the start of an ear infection, and the beginnings of larangitis. *_* The doctor put him on some high powered antibiotics, to clear it up.

Then over the weekend, there was that lunar eclipse. Big Z was feeling a bit better, so he and I stepped out on the patio and watched it together. Who knows what happened to our lawn chairs. We ended up *standing* the whole time we were out there. Too, I got eaten alive by mosquitos. I guess they like pregnant people, or something, cuz Big Z didn't get bit once! The neighbor's three dogs ended up coming over to sit with us during the eclipse. And hubby made it home from work just as the eclipse went total. How cool is that? :-)

Oh, but that's not all! On Monday, Big Z was feeling a whole lot better, much to my relief. And hubby left for his management training in Jackson, MS. He has been there for 4 days now, and is a bit homesick. He calls me at least 2xs daily, just to check on me and hear my voice. I miss him lots. One night he called me at midnight, and was a bit depressed. He couldn't sleep, so we stayed up and chatted until he got tired and was ready to bed down again. We haven't done that sort of thing since highschool. It was kinda neat. :-) He still has a week to go before he comes home. He should be back next Friday.

Through all this and I got a certified letter yesterday. I'm being subpoenaed for jury duty. :P Funny, mom and I were just talking about getting stuck with jury duty the other day. This will be my first time, and it should be interesting. I am a living, breathing, walking case of perpetual morning sickness and that subpoenae is for 9:30 AM. I sure hope they don't object to crackers and/or ginger ale in the court room, cuz otherwise I'm gonna be hacking all over the place!

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