Friday, October 01, 2004

Mad Dogs!

Yesterday Kinz and Chancellor got into a huge brawl in the backyard. Kinz is a pitbull, and Chancey is a chow-bordercollie mix, so as you can imagine that's a whole lotta dog snapping and rolling around out there. Where I was when all this was going on, I have no idea, cuz I didn't hear a freaking thing. But hubster heard it, and had to get the waterhose after them to break up the fight. When I say hubby has to use the waterhose to break them up, I mean he has to basically squirt them both in the face until they gasp for breath and let go of one another. *_* Oh the joys of dog ownership!

Anyway, both dogs are seniors--Kinz is 9, I think, and if that's right, then Chance is 11, so now they are both so sore they can barely walk. Kinz took the worst of it. He's all bit up on his legs, but heh, if he'd stop being so assy... Chance got grazed under one eye, he's probably gonna have a little scar, but he's no worse for wear. His fur is so thick Kinz's teeth can't penetrate. But omg, he was so drooled up...arg, gross!! We dragged him in the house and plopped his old stodgy haunches in the tub first thing. No way he was walking around my house like that, LOL!! 0_0 Poor thing. A brawl and a bath all in one day! In the meantime, the girlpups just kept their distance. Bitty is so old (14) I doubt she ever realized it was going on. She's a bit spaced-out these days, bless her heart. Hubby said Daisy was barking like crazy at the first, but when it started getting serious, she went and hid under the tree in the back yard til the coast was clear. If only they could all be as quiet as Bitty...

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