Friday, October 01, 2004

Lotsa Goodies

Oh what a shiny happy day! ^_^

At noon, hubby and I drove up to Hodge to pick up his paycheck. While we're waiting for Angie to show up, my dad comes in the store. He was like, "Wow, Cora! You're looking really fit; you look good!"

I've lost thirty pounds since February, and I tell ya... when you've worked hard and someone notices, it makes you feel like a princess, lol! 0:-) Thanks, daddy! (By the way...He was in the store buying papertowels, Windex, and rubbing alcohol in preparation of an art project. Some man hired him to paint a locomotive on his travel coach.)

Oh, but that's not all the goodies today!! As if getting complimented once wasn't enough... hubby and I trekked to Wally-World for some Coffeemate (French Vanilla Sugar Free rocks my socks), and one of our neighbors--understand we do not socialize with our neighbors due to old grudges--looked up and said (politely), "Wow, you've lost weight." I (politely) said thanks and inside was tippy tapping with glee--not at her expense or anything... just that two people had noticed in one day. She then noticed hubby has lost weight also, so she asked what diet we've been using. Of course, we told her it was Atkins. She seemed interested, and mentioned she might have to try it out.

Okay, so I got some compliments...big deal, I hear ya. Blah, blah... Fine. When we got home, I found I had received a package from Ali. 0:-) She sent Big Z $10.00 and she sent me this gorgeous olive oil decanter. It's done up like a flower shop on the outside. Very, very pretty. I have to write her tonight and tell her a big thanks! The card she sent along was cute too. It says, Happy Birthday, Sister! Then, on the inside she wrote... Only 1 year left, ahhh... Ha! Ha! *_* Yep, she's right. Next year I'm gonna slam head first into 30. *checks mirror for crowsfeet*

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