Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I'm late, I'm late...

In the words of that famous white rabbit: I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!

Well, folks, I am the one who is late this month. 0_0 I have not said a word to my husband at this point, in fear of witnessing a Homer Simpson moment. (You know, that episode that shows how Homer lost his hair... he yanked it out everytime Marge told him she was pregnant with one of the kids until all he had left was 3 strands?) Anyway, the situation here is certainly ripe for such a thing to happen. With no money to go out and do anything... well, what's left to do? *_*

I've made up my mind, I am not going to say anything to hubby until I am 110% positive that we have made a boo-boo. And right now, I'm mainly trying to just stay focused and not panic. It's only a week late, at this point, so maybe; hopefully; more than likely, it's stress that's making Aunt Flow slow to arrive this month. So much has happened lately, what with his job and all...

The only thing that's really making me twitchy is that I have been like clockwork for the past seven months. I mean, right on the money. *pondering*

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