Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Home Alone

Big Z went with his grandparents this morning, and hubster had to work, so I get the house all to myself! *dance, dance* I need some quiet time after all the bs that went on yesterday. Big Z has fully come into his teen years, that's for sure. When he's not being a couch growth, he's making smart little comments, and although I can understand he's growing up and there's gonna be some rebellion--hell, I was the worst!!--but this is just plain annoying. But that's part of it. No one said parenting would be fun! :P

Finally got that stupid pack rat avatar on Neopets. Now I can sell all that junk I've been collecting and make some of my points back. 0_o It's going to be a big pain to search out all the prices though. Gonna put Baodan through training too. This should prove interesting. Maybe now he'll be able to beat DoN battle # 4. Woot!

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