Saturday, October 23, 2004

First Doctor Visit

I went to the doctor on Thurday to get my pregnancy confirmed. What a morning! I wasn't feeling great to begin with, morning sickness, plus I had a caffeine headache--I quit drinking coffee and upped my carbs as soon as the home tests came up positive. It was raining just enough to mist up the windshield, and cause the windshield wipers to make that annoying squeaking noise all the way to Ruston. 0_0 Then, I got near the hospital and couldn't find the stinking medical plaza. I ended up having to turn around and make a second pass. I finally found it, but then didn't know where the suites were--mostly because the one I was looking for was upstairs. I did make it there in time, then waited...

The nurse went over my cycles with me, took another pregnancy test--which came up positive, of course. Then we sat down determined the baby's due date to be June 3rd, 2005. I met the doctor after that. He was nice enough, but I was so nervous and feeling sick at the time, he probably thought I was a complete weirdo. LOL! He gave me these prenatal vitamins...but man, they make me feel sick when I take 'em. I imagine I'll have to have that prescription changed.

Anyway, I scheduled another appointment for three weeks. Now to start thinking of baby names...

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