Thursday, September 16, 2004

You've Got Mail

Seems like I'm a popular girl today! I have had no less than 10 phone calls! Ali called me first thing this AM. She has finally learned how to use email--Yay! She was calling to make up for missing our chat session a few days ago. We had about 20 minutes on the phone before she had to leave for work.

But that wasn't all! Oh, no, indeed! I got a letter from... can you guess? I'll give a hint: it's an old friend from grade school. She's like a sister. Well...any more guesses? *builds suspence* It was from L**A! *faints* I have not heard from that girl in 2 years! Okay, so I get Christmas cards from her, but that doesn't exactly count. ;-) She and Mike just built a new house and moved in. She has graduated now, and has a degree in business. I'm soooo proud of her! I'm still not an auntie yet. But maybe soon. :-) The rest of her family has had some tough times though--divorce, etc. and I'm sad to hear it. But it was just so nice to hear from her!

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